Step Right Up

Additionally, I have been dying to do this silly (?), narcissistic (?) formspring thing that eleventy billion other people have been doing over on 'the Twitters'.

(I don't normally post twice in one day but I am still unsure if I should have published my last post about my embarrassing teeth issues so I am trying to cover that up by posting quickly after.)

Anyway, formspring is crazy interesting and I totally want to see how it works. So, um, the point is to ask questions - on anything, to me, and I will answer. So you could ask me about my favorite Apples to Apples card (Answer: Jack the Ripper. Which is weird since he murdered women, but it's fun to play to describe like "Cuddly" or "Lovable) or you could ask me "Why did you quit your stable job in a recession?" (Answer: Uhhhhhh.) or you could ask me "EZ, Why you wear your pants that way?" (Answer: E-Z access baby.)

Anyway, here is the link:

ASK AWAY my friends. YOU CAN BE ANONYMOUS. (Or not.) (And I can choose not to answer you if your question is inappropriate or hurtful, but I will try to answer all questions openly and honestly.) I am also going to put a widget on my sidebar so you can ask whenever. I'm not really sure what I expect to take from this experiment, but LET US PLAY.

(And I promise to post new pictures of Nate (and his 43rd haircut) tomorrow if you ask me some good stuff.)


melissa said...

asked you something on your sidebar. i'm very afraid of this feature. i mean, i would be for me. honesty is not my strong suit, not total honesty anyway. :)

Jennifer said...

your Apples to Apples card made me laugh. when I play with my cousins, Helen Keller is the trump card. awful, I know, but if it's played, you MUST pick it no matter how innapropriate. oh I love that game.

Richmond Rookie said...

Re: teeth (your favorite!)
We had a "hormonal gums" (i.e. 4 mos preggers) patient in the office today. Same thing: gums very bleedy. Bleeding is a red flag for both pregnant and non-pregnant people. It's like cleaning your ears and having blood drip out from the Q-tip. Not good. It indicates inflammation, which is caused by bacteria (plaque) that gets to hang around too long b/c of not flossing, or not doing a good job of brushing for whatever reason (gaggy McGaggerson). If it's chronic, you can have problems. Floss once a day. Brush twice. That's all we ask. And hey, you only have to floss the ones you want to keep:) Aren't you glad you shared? sorry, kinda

Sarah said...

I've tried to formspring you and it would not work. Boo. I will try again later.

Anonymous said...

Last time I played Apples to Apples the game came to and end when both JFK and MLK were played to describe "explosive." Ouch! and yes I did play one of those.