the big red dog is missing (for real)

So, as most of you know, we are big into books in our house.

Nate is currently obsessed with a "Where is Clifford?" book.

Plot: Emily Elizabeth is looking for her big red dog (how do you lose Clifford?) in various places around town. (Ahem, Birdwell Island in case you were wondering. They packed up the family car and the Howards left the city.)

It's a flap book so at every location (page) you have to lift the flap to look in the barn and the school and the theater, etc. At every page Nate says "NO CLIFFORD!" and shakes his head.

The last page is, of course, Clifford's doghouse, where Clifford is supposed to be but where Nate ripped him out the first day he got the book.

Every time, we lift the flap and Nate looks at me very solemnly (yet somehow sort of proudly?) and says "I BROKE IT!"

Every. Single. Time.

On an unrelated note, I am working on a post about the Google Buzz craze - will be up soon.


Meredith said...

HA! I love that he jacked Clifford. Those were great books. Have you discovered "The Monster at the End of this Book" yet? That's a classic as well and something I bet Nate would enjoy. :)

ps. I have two friends named Emily Elizabeth. Neither have a big, red dog.

melissa said...

how in the HELL do you lose clifford?! is emily elizabeth kind of an idiot?

nate is too adorable in these pictures. i want those pjs REAL bad.

sdhorton said...

we had fun today at story time. Nash is still not asleep and I am barely hanging on...hoping to nap soon.

Susan said...

At first read, I was afraid Arlo was AWOL! Whew. We have a similar Clifford book where he's lost and you push him up and down from the bottom. Although it takes all my strength to get him to slide out of his hiding places; I don't know what they were thinking a toddler could do with it.

Stacia said...

LOL you must always save that book...funny!
Love those cute jammies!

Anonymous said...

I love Clifford, he is timeless. My kids loved Clifford and now the Grandbabies love him too.
-Aunt Jayne

Jennifer said...

I broke it. I broke it.

i love it.

Eve said...

happy Valentine's day Kat! Love the blog. keep it up.

Sarah said...

1) glad you are working on a google buzz post because i need to hear more about it. i'm confused, but keep putting little buzzes up anyway.

2) i love how much nate likes books. lucia is not that interested right now. i keep reading to her and she keeps slapping me around while i read. is this a phase or is this a sign of painful years to come as she will refuse to do her reading homework?

3) is that nate's bedroom? i forgot how great the green is. i like how there is a big bed in his room. for our next baby we are going to do the same thing because i want a place for guests to sleep. (the two times a year that we have guests, but hey, gotta have a plan).

4) i could not agree with haney more ... adorable nate. that hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aubrey said...

We love Clifford at my house too. And just so you know, Ella would FREAK about a broken book. I scotch-taped four (FOUR!) pages in our princess book this morning because according to Ella they were "wrecked." (According to Aubrey, those four pages had 1/2 inch rips. But who's measuring, right?) Love to pajama-clad Nate. Kate likes broken books, btw.