Level of Whine: Gold Medal Winner

So, when you accidentally pop (birth? that's probably a better word than pop, but I like the disgusting POP image you all have in your heads right now!) (You'reeeeeee welcome!) your baby out in your bathroom, people (ahem, Karl) begin to think you have a skewed pain scale.

::cue curtain::

This week I have been plagued by some ear infection issues. Like a good little wifey, I have been complaining ENDLESSLY to Karl. Last night while getting ready for bed (the same bed I haven't left much in the past two days b/c of said ear issues.) I think I reached a new Level of Whine. He started to ask me very specific questions about the pain and the location of it. I admit I was totally enjoying outlining every little twinge. Usually I ball up and don't come out until I'm unsick, but this time it was nice to discuss my ails. I must have gone into a little too much detail, because I'm pretty sure he wanted to pack up and head to the ER.

ER? Psssssh. Have we learned nothing? Pass me two advil and some Gatorade and I'll be good as new in the morning!

Hope everyone had a decent Monday. This is Karl's final week of coaching his 9th grade basketball kids - their single elimination tournament starts Thursday and, though it's his fourth season coaching and he loves it so, I think we are both kind of hoping they lose this year! That's terrible, I know, but it's a huge time commitment and we are ready for our Monday nights, Thursday nights and Saturday mornings to be a little more, uh, TOGETHER.

(Also, how do people get sick with more than one kid and child obligations? I mean, really, how do people do anything with more than one kid?)


sdhorton said...

Totally feel you on the coaching thing. Chris's team is in regionals this week and then State next. Then he will be done. He started in October..

brooke knight said...

red gatorade has saved my life a few times myself. that's so cute. sometimes it really is nice to bitch about what ails you, even if it isn't that bad!

Susan said...

Conversation between me and Seth the other day:
me: I must be a wienie cause I don't remember Megan complaining this much when she was pregnant with twins.
Seth: Me either.
Me: [head tilts down and I eye him just under brows]
Seth: But I'm not Megan's husband.

Kind of a save...I guess..hope you feel better. orange juice is my first form of defense.