i can.

So apparently I can cook dinner for ten and watch Nate at the same time.


I hosted a gathering at our house on Monday evening (shocking I know; no one EVER comes to my house.). It was my turn to host Book Club this month. I admit that I was totally skeptical of the whole Book Club concept when we first started tossing around the idea. I am an obsessive reader but I don't generally dissect and discuss... it's more like toss it aside, forget the plot and start the next book. I skipped the first couple of months (in protest?) and then decided to give it a try. It has forced me to read books I would never pick up (next month: sci-fi!) and has been a great way to share book nerdiness that I didn't fully realize existed amongst our friends.


My meal wound up being perfect for the day - it was cold and snowing and raining and windy and MISERABLE. So we had a Soup Party - which might be the best 'food theme' I have done in a long while. I made beef stew, chicken corn chowder, and potato (lots of starch for my vegetarian friends!). We also had plenty of bread and salad . I wound up starting all the soups way too early so they were all mushy and thick and hearty by the time everyone arrived. Warmed everyone right up.


I took no pictures as I was too busy running around the kitchen with Nate on my hip and a spoon in my hand. (Though neither barefoot nor pregnant. Now wouldn't that have been a pretty picture?)


Natalie and Matt Dill said...

Love chicken corn chowder!!

Kate said...

dude, your book club needs to be POTLUCK. That is the way to go, my friend.

good job, though.

the day's said...

ummm whatcha sayin? that running around the kitchen barefoot and pregnant is a problem? you know what i say to that:

Meredith said...

Congrats on what sounds like a pretty perfect evening! There is nothing better than soup on miserably cold days. Interested to know some of the books you've read--I just started a book club and it's been pretty fun.

Susan said...

I'm with Somer. lol
I totally understand. I feel like SuperWoman when I get dinner ready while Setler is hanging off my leg or climbing up the cabinets and playing with the steak knives while carrying twins in utero while a load of laundry is drying and the dishwasher is washing and I'm talking to Mamaw on the phone and writing a thank you note and paying bills online...BOOSH! We are WOMAN!

Sarah said...

liking the soup bar idea.

also like your new blog organization so much that i came back again to check it out again:)

i am a NERD.