attack of the blue bathroom

Yesterday, I was standing on my toilet, reaching for something in the very back of the top most built in cabinet in our bathroom. I leaned my hand (and entire weight) against the towel rack (stupid i know) and it collapsed, broke, and fell off the wall. I fell with it. Hard. I kind of bounced with my chest/right shoulder off the sink below and flipped back, landing on my bottom (but not before hitting my other shoulder and head on the wall and door, respectively.).

I sat there on the floor, stunned, and said the same thing aloud that I say to Nate when he falls: "You're okay, It's okay, You're okay, You're FINE." while checking to make sure I really was okay and nothing was bleeding or broken. (Thankfully no, but DAMN it hurt.) I went slowly into the other room for a time out (ha.) and began to instant message Karl on the computer to let him know I fell. About ten minutes into messaging I started to feel woozy and vomit-ey. Thankfully Nate was napping, but Karl decided to come home (just in case), and we spent a nice, quiet afternoon together.

Other than a massive bruise in the shape of my sink ledge on my chest and some soreness, I really am totally fine. All in all, it wasn't that a big deal but when I started feeling all nauseous I started to feel all PANIC about the situation. Not so much for myself but because I was all alone in the house with my toddler and what if I had passed out and Nate wasn't contained in his crib and what if what if what if what if what if and OH AND WHAT IF?!?!

I don't really know why I'm telling you this story. Mostly, I guess because it scared me and I needed to get it off my (very bruised) chest. And it made me feel a little bit like a fragile old lady.


Lauryl Lane said...

Oh, falling and bruises are yucky! I am a klutz and am constantly catching my shoe on L.A.'s uneven sidewalks and falling to my knees or hands. My husband tries to hold onto me because it happens so often and makes it hard for me to do my palates moves because my knees are so bruised. I feel like an old woman, too. ;-( Hope you heal quickly!

Angela said...

Holy crap!! How scary Kat! So glad you're okay.

sdhorton said...

seriously that would have scared the mess out of me. glad you are okay.

melissa said...

jeezum crow kat! KEEP YOURSELF SAFE PLEASE. love you. xo

Meagan Francis said...

I've had moments like this, where something happens that's not that bad but I start obsessing about the WHAT IFS and next thing I know I'm having to talk myself down from a full-on panic attack. I think we've got some kind of biological protective response that can kick into hyperdrive when we start thinking about possibly not being able to keep our kids safe. I get it! So sorry you got hurt, but glad it wasn't worse.

nicole said...

Yow! You are a trooper. I would've been crying like a baby. Glad Dr. Karl came home. That bathroom is his office/L&D room, after all. xoxo.

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