trees and bunnies and rompers oh my

Things that are making me happy:

Here are the invites I did for an upcoming baby shower. I thought they were fun. Not perfect but fun.

This very scary, uh, bunny at USA Drug. (S)He was greeting people at the door. I'm guessing it was an Easter shoot as there was a bench covered with that icky Easter grass (What is that?) and a camera person. Nevertheless, freaked me out. I wanted desperately to ask him: Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit? (Correct response: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?) (Donnie Darko reference.)

I've been following craftastrophe for a while now and for some reason this particular jumper made me giggle....especially the line from the first part of the description: "Why are his hands up by her shoulders when his head is on her tummy? It looks like Ernie’s being held at gunpoint. And if that’s the case then what did he do? So many questions!" Read the rest of the description here.

Ok that's it. Just three happy things for today. (Well and the weather and the pasta I made for dinner with broccoli and mushrooms and the park and the sun and the blue sky and the clouds...oh and did I mention the weather? It's crazy how much of a difference the temperature makes on my attitude!)


sdhorton said...

I can't stop laughing at that jumper. Ernie for sure did something to be held at gunpoint. LOL. And that bunny is super freaky looking. Looks like something on a scarey movive. You've made me laugh tonight. Thanks!

Meredith said...

I love your invitations, they turned out great! The tree is fantastic.

And the jumper--Dear God.

Ashley said...

There are no.words for that jumper. None. (except that I DO enjoy the contrasting blue stitching on her crotch, that was a nice finishing touch)

The bunny, however, what the eff is that bunny? I HATE things in costumes whith their faces covered up. I wouldn't have even been able to pass him to walk into the store. True story.

LOVE the invite, so so cute!

Chatty Fattie said...

Your invite is perfection, but I'm more drawn to the jumper. I'm not really crafty; will you make me this jumper? Size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL, and I would rather his hands be right on my boobs. Thanks for being a team player.

Jennifer said...

I do not understand the expression on the models face. It's half I'm a dirty sex crazed teenager and half
I'm thinking a deep thought. Hmmmm I mean I'd totally wear it. I LOVE THE INVITES!!!

Kate said...
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Kate said...

so cute!
so creepy!
so hilarious!
(in that order)

Jax said...

the temperature defintely affects my attitude, too, girlie. And um.. that jumper is amazing!!!

Loving the invitations you made! Super cute!!!

Susan said...

I LOVE the invitations. Thanks so much! I feel special. I smiled and clapped when I opened it in the driveway. I wasn't expecting it at that size which is part of the awesomeness! You're a great designer and friend. I <3 Kat!