sunday sweets: daffodils, dresses, and drinks

We spent a gorgeous Friday atop Wye Mountain running amongst the daffodils. More pics here.

Saturday we attended a lovely wedding at the Albert Pike Hotel.

I wore a dress:
and took an image of the back of some peoples heads:
This wedding was SIMPLY GORGEOUS ya'll. There were greens and pinks and wish trees and photo booths and glittery cup cake boxes. Oh, and beer! After the wedding, we headed to The Flying Saucer (a bar!) for some more drinks, er, okay, FINE for the ENORMOUS soft pretzels and cheese fries. Our much appreciated designated driver dropped us safely at our door and we were in bed by midnight. (Nate was on an overnight date with Gigi and PawPaw! YEA HAW!)

Sunday we spent recovering and churching.

I have been working on some invites (almost done!) and they may be my favorite thing I have ever designed. As soon as they are printed and mailed, I'll post the proof.


Amy B said...

Oh Em Gee, I love that dress!!! Where did you get it?

katandkarl said...

it's actually from Dillards of all places. I bought it like three or four years ago for a wedding and totally forgot about it! It's only the second time I've worn it.

Angela said...

That dress is adorable! And Nate is too cute with the daffodils.

melissa said...

i, too, LOVE the dress and your fancy swishy skills in it, and nate's striped sweater makes me want to nom nom nom on him. so cute. glad you guys are having nice weather!!!! xoxoxo

Jennifer said...

I want to come to LR just to take pictures in the daffodils! Also I love that dress.