Nate and I were in St. Louis for four days this past week. Whilst packing, I put this tweet on the twitters.
The tweet said "Things I excel at: Packing" with a link to a Twit pic that I took on my phone of my suitcase. It SHOULD have looked like this:
(I wanted to showcase my stellar pile everything on top of a suitcase and cram it in skillz.)

Instead, our friends at Twit Pic somehow linked my followers to this image:
Which, while I'm sure this is a picture of a very nice man (and a firefighter!), is not exactly what I had in mind to pack in my suitcase!

Karl called me about thirty minutes into my drive laughing hysterically. I made him post a corrective tweet with my suitcase image! Ahhhh I love it when the internet has an accident. I wonder if someone hoping to see a picture of their firefighter was disappointed by the image of my hastily packed suitcase.

St. Patrick's Day pics shortly...