and then i was 29.

My birthday this year taught me several things:

1. Facebook friends and contacts: wow. I need to get better about looking at my little Birthday reminders and sending people notes.

2. 29 is not too old for a birthday crown!
It actually does say Happy Birthday! (It was originally a pressie from Mere Bear on my 25th.)
3. My husband (and friends!) can still surprise me! Karl told me he had a surprise dinner spot picked out for us and a reservation. I didn't argue (that's the surprise! ha! kidding.) and when we arrived at the restaurant, the hostess asked if we were "with the group." At the same time he said yes, I said no...bam, turned the corner and SURPRISE: an enormo table of friends! Apologies to the people who look like sparkly vampires in this picture - it was bright in there.
And a box fulled up with OWL CUPCAKES! (made, clearly, by the talented Leah!). I polished off the last one for breakfast this morning!Lemon meringue butter cream icing is, in fact, delicious even in the early hours.
We even made it to ::gasp:: a BAR for post dinner drinks and THEN AND THEN we came back home and had a little patio party! It ended around 1 in the AM, which, is crazy late for A TUESDAY. Sorry neighbors, if our giggling woke you. Consider it payback for the massive amount of your dog's shite in my yard.

I honestly was completely surprised by this little gathering and between that and the facebook and the twitters and multiple beers, I felt ridiculously loved and lucky. Nate spent the night with Gigi and Papaw (present enough!) , and, as an added bonus, Karl took a couple hours of work this morning and let me sleep in a bit to recover.

OH OH and and I got some snail cards too! I love snail cards. Notably this year, one arrived with BOOBIE TASSLES:
I think Nate liked "reading" it best:
The end. If my birthday is an indicator, 29 is going to be fabulous indeed!


Lauryl Lane said...

yay! glad it was a success! happpppppy birthday!

Unknown said...

I am super sorry I missed dinner! First, I forgot about it. Then I secured a friend to stay with Sadie. Then my stomach went haywire, and I went to bed at 8:30 Monday night and ate only broth and toast all day Tuesday. So there be my explanation. It looks like you had a really great time, and that's what matters! See you soon, I hope.

Richmond Rookie said...

hahahahaa!!! Oh, Nate. so cute. Glad you had a happy one. Good job, Karl! The tiara still looks fab, of course. And those cupcakes are hootie hoo-licious, er something:)

Meredith said...

That was the best big person birthday ever. And I love the booby card!

sdhorton said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

brooke knight said...

glad you liked the card! love love lovey love!

Savannah B said...

Happy day after your birthday, friend. Hope you get a lotta use out of your tiara and tassels.


nicole said...

Yay! Sounds like a BLAST! Uhh, it looks like Nate is already a pro with the boobies + tassels. TROUBLE.

Jax said...

hahaha love the tassles! :)

And glad you had a happy bday, hottie!