run through the rain

We've had two exciting nights of tornadic activity here in the Natural State. According to the weather channel, there were six tornadoes that touched down in the state of Arkansas Friday night alone. It's been a pretty crazy weather season already and I'm never sure how to act when it gets serious.

Karl would love to be storm chasing somewhere with Reed Timmer and his Dominator (he ensures me that it's "safe") and I alternate between wanting to curl up in the bathtub with a mattress over my head and wanting to dance barefoot on the front lawn while the rain pours down.

(Like that one glorious, rainsoaked night in college, the night before graduation, with the sirens wailing all around! That was A-mazing. And probably stupid. But there was no wall cloud and my Oklahoma friends ensure me you're FINE until you see one of those.)

Mostly, I drank coffee (and then beer as the storms got worse!), checked twitter obsessively (hashtag #arwx! it was awesome!), and watched the weatherman on TV say "let me just pull up this mo-zilla fox fire."

I also spent some time thinking about our upcoming VIRTUAL RACE. There are about 15 unofficially signed up/interested! I'm so very excited and am in the process of nailing down a date! It is officially going to be a 5K! (though for those wanting the challenge of a 10K I could def make your shirts brag appropriately)! The couch to 5K program is about 8 or 9 weeks so I am currently contemplating the weekend of June 19. Again, since it is virtual you could pick any day that weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday morning!). I am hoping to post shirt options on May 15.

If you are still interested, there are spots left! You can run or walk or do a run walk combo but it has to be at least 3.1 miles. ( Take the survey here.)

If you aren't, enjoy these adorable pictures:


Jax said...

Nater=adorableness. And I also heart your orange sheets in case I've never said it. They'd make me smile to wake up in every morning. :) And the reference to the rainy funtastic night before graduation made me all nostalgic sighing and stuff. Just saying. It also made me want to play drinking games to the weather. Whatever.

Lauryl Lane said...

I would love to do the virtual 5k... just not this summer. Autumn round? Summer is so hectic for me, being wedding season... I travel a lot... training just isn't going to happen. But autumn? I'm totally down!

Aubrey said...

The storm before graduation was so awesome! I totally forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me.

Running is THE WORST. But I could do 5k. It would fulfill my exercise requirement for all of 2010. :)

Audreya said...

If Karl finds a way to talk Reed Timmer into letting him go storm chasing, have him see if I could go too. I think that would be the coolest thing ever. EVER!!

Run a 5K... no thanks. Intentionally position myself dangerously close to a tornado... heck yes!!

Marc said...

June 19th sounds like a good date for the V5K to me. Don't have any current plans for that weekend.

Marc said...

Oh, and happy early birthday if I don't get around to logging into facebook tomorrow.

Chatty Fattie said...

What do I remember from the rainy night before graduation? I remember thinking that as the only Oklahoma girl in the house, you Missouri chicks were CRAZY. Pssh...tornado...whatever.

Anonymous said...
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Andrea said...

I want those sheets - they taunt me every time I see them on your blog and make me crave Tang!!

And can Nate get any cuter?!?

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