cupcakes and robots

In other news, I have been preparing (sort of) for Nate's 2nd birthday party. It's going to be very minimal/laid back. I really only want two things for the party: a plethora of robots and a plethora of cupcakes.

Here are the invites (you might notice the robots are VERY similar to our Run Like Robot 5K robots. This is not an accident.) (Address blacked out. Obvs.)
I have been searching around the internet for both and have found quite a bit of adorableness.

Not so robot-ey but definitely a cupcake and definitely a FIT with Nate's current Cars obsession.

AND THIS IS A CUPCAKE!! This has absolutely nothing to do with the party but this cupcake contest is amazing! Check it out!

And in the robot arena, I really found nothing useful but JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH, Spoonflower (fabric site) is having a robot fabric contest this week. Here are a few of my favorites (links to them on image.):

I don't really know what I would do with them at this MOMENT but I totally want them. All of them.

If you've found anything regarding cupcakes or robots recently, please share.


The Smiths said...

Have you seen these?

or these?

Amanda J said...

Jackson is also obsessed with cars right now.....and that Tow-Mater cupcake is adorable!
Happy birthday to little Nate...have a great party!

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