lend me some sugga

Yesterday was on of THOSE days.... you know...one of those perfect country western song days. I returned home from St. Louis on Saturday morning. I was super pumped to be home early and had a lovely meal with some wonderful women. I went home feeling happy and ready for a nap.

Within the next 24 hours, our air conditioning unit went out, our dryer wouldn't go back on when Karl flipped the breaker, one of our dogs vomited grass and stomach acid everywhere, the turtle we found in the back yard escaped, Nate refused to nap until 4:37 PM (and I had to drive him around in the car to get him to fall asleep), the tree in our front yard shred the rest of its leaves (read: IT IS DEAD and we need someone to cut it down) and, um, er, Karl and I were NOT being as patient with one another as we should have been.

We packed up and headed over to Karl's parents. The moment we arrived, Karl went to the fridge and grabbed us both a beer. Nate was AMPED up to be at Gigi's and was running around giggling and playing and excessively HAPPY and I just couldn't help but LET GO of everything else and just enjoy being with him and with Karl. We let him stay up until 10 and then Karl and I stayed up laughing about how long we were going to be staying in his parent's basement.

It wound up being a happy evening.

(Turns out just the one night; air fixed the next day! Additionally, our neighbor, who is horticulturist, offered to take down the tree and plant a new one for us at no cost! Oh and the dryer works too. And the turtle... well, he's probably better off without an almost-2 year old picking him up and dropping him on the concrete.)


nicole said...

DANG! When it rains, it pours. Glad it all worked out! Super-duper glad you guys got the A/C working again. It's hot out tharr. xo.

Meredith said...

I hate THOSE days. Sorry it was rough but sounds like you guys made the best of it.

ps. Love the robots. :)

melissa said...

good for you for making the best of it. and good for karl for grabbing those beers. sometimes there's no point in resisting. :)

megan mcniff said...

isn't it fun at times to be an adult??

glad to hear your air is working. i can't even begin to imagine how hot it is down south if it's this hot here in the lou.

yeah robots.

Jennifer said...

Hahaha. I love you so much and this post made me feel a little less crazy. We all have those days. Glad it all turned out well!