internet slooooooooooooooooooow

We are HERE:

With some of these cuties:

In this cabin: (which is literally just up the hill from the river pictured above. I may or may not have made Karl put a cooler in front of our inside and locked door last night b/c I was having anxiety attacks about Nate climbing out of his pack n play, unlocking the door, and going for a moonlight swim.) (For the record he has neither climbed out of his pack n play nor opened a locked door but I.was.positive it was going to happen last night.) (I know. I have issues.)

For this:

It took me exactly 48 minutes to upload these four tiny images on the stellar internet connection in our cabin (ethernet cord included!), so, yea, all those robot pics are coming! PROMISE! (Plus I'm still waiting on two racers to email me their pics.)

In the meantime, 12 adults, 11 children aged ten and under. Nate's already bloodied his lip on a butterfly net and bruised his knee on the lawn games. It's a hard life.


Unknown said...

When I was little, I used to climb out of bed, use a broom to unlatch the front porch door and get in bed with the neighbors. Yea, I'd be worried too!

Jax said...

12 adults. 11 children. That kinda made me panic a little. haha.. have a blast, love! And I SO would have thought Nate could get out of the pack and play, unlock the door, etc if he were with me. Half the time, I think GRACIE can open the front door and escape, soooo yeah. That makes a child pretty much able to run the free world in my mind.

Jax said...

and high five on the bloggerific commitment to posting despite the slow interwebs. I often want to do very mean things to my computer when the net is slow.

melissa said...

HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY! you are in god's country, little girl, and i am SO jealous! high five the surrounding areas, and pop by to see tatum's parents if you have a sec. :) be safe! have safe!

melissa said...

be safe, have FUN. i am useless typing while on the phone. love love. happy reunion. :) xo

Jennifer said...

I am so glad you guys are having a great time. On a selfish note, please come home so I can go back to by 8 phone conversations a day with you, please and thank you.

Stacia said...

Precious little pink cabin...where is that??
Enjoy yourself :)

Our Happy Married Life... said...

Love your PINK cabin! Have fun!!! If you want to brave your bad internet connection, I'm doing a small give away for my blogs bday! LOL! :)

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