all star break

Does anyone even watch the All-Star Game anymore? (Oh, right, does anyone watch baseball anymore?!) No? Well, then, let's all admire Nate in uniform.

I'm prepping for some serious out of town-ness (read: packing suitcases, the BANE of my existence) (and by packing suitcases I mean THINKING about packing suitcase because I haven't actually packed anything and won't until about, oh, 10 minutes prior to leaving!) and obsessively drinking coffee and doing laundry and cleaning (I know...WHAT has gotten into me?). REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ARKANSAS, ya'll. Watchout!


Aubrey said...

I watch baseball! Always have, always will. My dad would disown me if I didn't. It's a little tough now because of the time difference, but I still manage to keep up...and get my heart broken by the O's EVERY SINGLE SEASON. :(

Nate is such a cutie! That huge smile just screams, "Put me in, coach!"

Happy travels!

sdhorton said...

we watch baseball and the white sox are doing pretty awesome right now. that pic is adoreable. safe travels.

Megan said...

1. i love real housewives of new jersey. 2. i love baseball. 3. i love that picture of nater boots. 4. i love YOU. hope everything's going well and maybe i'll see you soon? yes? maybe?

Ashley said...

omg, could he get any cuter? NO!! Love that huge smile!!

melissa said...

you're not going to the all-star game, are you? is that why you're packing? 'CAUSE YOU KNOW IT'S IN L.A. RIGHT? i'm just sayin. is you coming to surprise m? OH JESUS I AM ALL WORKED UP OVER HERE. :)

seriously though, be safe and have fun, wherever it is you ARE going, and nater boots looks gorgeous. XO

Jax said...

opening your blog page and seeing that photo just totally made my day. I had no idea what your blog was about today when I just saw the title, but the photo made me laugh out loud. All your posts should start wiht a random photo of nate before you get into content. It's comical and I like it. :)

I'm so excited to seeeeeee you, friend!

And yeah, I dont love baseball. But I do love you and would dig any show called the Real Housewives of Arkansas... ;) I'd watch. Just sayin.

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