slip and tarp

I didn't put a post up about the 4th of July but we did make the annual slip and slide HAPPEN. Well, I should say that Karl made it happen whilst I sat around bitching about how redneck an adult slip and slide is in your front yard and why do you insist on doing this every year and on and on and on until the tarp is all soppy and covered in dishsoap and the next thing I know I am diving headfirst down it like a 12 year old.

(Warning: Your closet will in fact smell like french fries for up to two years if you use vegetable or canola oil. I know... FROM EXPERIENCE.)
Eventually, everyone will participate and there will be brackets! Winners and Losers....er Consolation Brackets!
Eventually the sound of fireworks will freak these people out and you will have a party in your bed whilst the sky explodes out of doors:


Angela said...

I'm jealous--that looks like so much fun!

melissa said...

yes, but where's the pick-em-up hot tub? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

i miss you dude. no shit. :) xoxo

Natalie and Matt Dill said...

You guys seem to be missing a pool in your front yard.....above ground!
HA! Ok, not cool.
But your slide looks like tons of fun, at least its portable!

Richmond Rookie said...

So fun...and yes, quite redneck too. But I think Karl is correct in pressing on with the tradition. Nothing says summertime and American independence like the slip and slide. Well, maybe the hula-hoop.

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