there was SO MUCH laughter.

You know that part in the movie The Breakfast Club when they make Brian Johnson (the Weird Science kid) write the detention essay for all of them and he's all "Dear Mr. Vernon... blah blah blah you see us as you want to see us... a brain, and an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal" and you're supposed to be all they're so DIFFERENT BUT YET ALL THE SAME!?!

Yes. Our college group is a bit like that. Only no one taped anyone's 'buns' together or got burned by their old man with a cigarette for spilling paint in the garage. (That I am aware.)

(Edited to add: In reviewing this, I think this analogy makes ZERO sense but I'm so happy with the 'taping the buns' reference that I'm not deleting it!)

Anyway THE POINT IS: Mike, the owner of the adorable bed and breakfast we stayed in made a comment in passing about how it was so wonderful that we all stayed friends even though our career paths couldn't be more different! And that, my friends, is true! Among the eight women there, I believe we had a doctor, a lawyer, sales person, elementary teacher, artist and administrator, production manager, internet geek, and a CFO! I find our different paths quite fun.

And you know what else? THESE GIRLS ARE FUN. And I loved having the weekend with them. And I love my husband for taking care of things (Nate) at home so I could do this.

And you know what else? BRANSON. is. ridiculous.

Hello. Welcome to Branson.

They have ENORMOUS ship museums. AND MIGHT I ADD THAT THE EXHIBIT here was called "Dogs of the Titanic." Oh, yes, it was.
We stayed on Table Rock Lake, about 20 minutes outside of Branson. We had girls from Tulsa, Little Rock, Kansas City and Dexter, MO so it was a good meeting spot!

Here was the view from our back decks:
We rented out all four rooms of the bed and breakfast which was amazing b/c we had free range to roam and laugh as loud as possible... though, um, the owners did live downstairs and they SAID we weren't too loud but at one point I remember the conversations were more like screaming than speaking.

It might have been the wine. Though I think most of us are LOUD in nature without the help of alcohol.
Saturday we did some damage at the outlet mall:
And then some damage to our livers:
Which lead to some damage to, um, our dignity? OH YES WE DID!! Jealous?


Photos courtesy of my iPhone and Jackie, whose post about our trip is WAY better than mine.


melissa said...

omg, looks like you guys had a blast with a capital B. so glad for allllll of you. :) and, by the way, i love the breakfast club reference and i think it fits in just fine. "you forgot ugly, lazy, stupid..."


Lauryl Lane said...

can i just say how jealous i am? and sad that i didn't get an invite... yeah, i know i live a fuck ways away, but i would definitely considering using my frequent flier miles for a girls trip in future... just saying....

Aubrey said...

SO FUN! I love it! Especially the conversations that are more like screaming than actual talking. I'm a loud gal too, so I relate. :)

Hugs and European-style cheek kisses to all you pretty ladies!

sdhorton said...

I pretty much hate Branson too. I went a lot as a kid and I hate it now. The only good thing is the shopping. Glad you had a good time though. I got a new phone and my contacts have to be switched over from my old phone so call me some time about our play date.

Ashley said...

So fun! I love the old timey picture so much. And the Breakfast Club reference :)

Stacia said...

Great pics...I need the details on this B&B please. Hope the livers are recovering well :)

Jax said...

haha! I like your post.. I didn't know it was called Dogs of the Titanic! I did know it featured Cavaliers! Gracie dog would love it! :)ha! And um.. good point about all of our careers! That's so funny adn I never really think about us as having adult lives with big people careers.. haha! Crazy! :)

Great weekend. I heart you. :)

Kaitlin said...

Looks/sounds like you all had a great time. Got to love how Branson becomes the best meeting place post-college: we've had not one, but two, girls weekends there, ha! Who says we can't hang with the blue-hairs?!

jessica said...

Awesome! I just did a girls' trip in NYC and had an amazing time. Being from Missouri I never thought about Branson being a potential meetup city, but it looks like you all had a blast! I'll keep it in mind for the next one.

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