let's regroup

SHHHHHHHH... I'm currently cozied up at THE LIBRARY! ALONE!!! I left Nate with a sitter for the day. I don't do this often, (mainly b/c I feel an excessive amount of irrational guilt about paying someone to do my job during the work week when I don't have a money-making gig at that time) but, seriously, I NEED TODAY. He's out of school until September. Karl started a new job... that comes with longer hours and LOTS and LOTS of new job stress. And, mostly, I just needed some time to myself so I made it happen.

It's good for him and it's good for me. I left him with Ms. Julie, who is one of his first daycare teachers from way back when. They had this bond that was crazy amazing from the first moment they met. I reconnected with Julie recently at a babyshower she hosted and she had a sweet little picture of my baby on her fridge - she missed him too and who am I to deny them time together? ;)

They haven't seen each other in about a year and I SWEAR TO GOD YA'LL when she got there today Nate (who is VERY stranger danger) went right up to her and GAVE HER A HUG. And then he grabbed her hand and they went to play. It was bizarre and, also, absolutely amazing. I may have teared up about it a little when I got in the car to drive away. (And by a little I mean I bawled my eyes out. I TOLD YOU I NEED A DAY!)

After the library, I am going to get my eyebrows waxed, drop off some dry cleaning and go to the post office...and I don't think you understand how LUXURIOUS that feels.


melissa said...

i read this whole blog post in a whisper, and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

have fun on mommy's day out. and you're right, you DO deserve it and it IS good for both of me. love you! xo

Lauryl Lane said...

It's so interesting to read about your (collective: you, B, J, etc.) babies and life with babies... but it also makes me realize how very unready I am for that major life change. I thought I'd be ready by 30, that's less than a year away and I am SO NOT READY. My dad says that you never think you're "ready" to have a kid- you just have to have one and everything else follows. But I just can't imagine things like running errands or getting an eyebrow was becoming a luxury. I might just be incredibly selfish. Or incredibly unselfish to refrain from procreating and creating another incredibly selfish being? I'm not sure. Anyway, forgive my ramblings and have a wonderful day sans child! ;-)

katandkarl said...

Oh yes I am a selfish one! I like my time. For me it wasn't so much giving it up as realizing I need to make myself take it before I blow!!

sdhorton said...

I had a moment like that in FL where Chris and I wanted to go shopping at the outlet mall and I felt like I shouldn't leave Nash for my sister-in-law to watch but she offered and Chris and I had a great few hours alone shopping at the outlet mall. It's nice and very much needed to have a break every now and then especially when you are a stay at home mom!

megan mcniff said...

no need to EVER defend kids-free mornings/afternoons/days...

hope you had a glorious you-filled day and the sense of achievement at getting the little things done ( i mean...who would have ever thought returning something to target would be such an adventure)

Jennifer said...

I loved this post. Don't ever feel guilty for having a day away. You work your butt of so I think a day is much deserved. Love you

Stephanie said...

Until last week I had free childcare for at least one day every week. Charlie's grandmother kept her while I did whatever I needed to do, whether it was nap, get a pedicure, clean the house and/or write.
It was FAB U LOUS!
Now, though, she's injured her back or a nerve and I'm worried I'll never have free childcare again.

Dear Jesus,
If you give me Nana back I'll never take her for granted again.