my head is sideways

I can NOT forget to mention that Karl hit a milestone birthday this weekend. 3-0 people. THIRTY. Thirty seems like an amazing age to me right now and, if the first day of Karl's 30th is an indicator, we should be in for a smooth ride. Ish. Smooth. Ish. Cause, you know, we still believe we are 25 sometimes. (18?)

On Saturday evening we had a celebration at the house (I made the Pioneer Woman's lasagna. ALWAYS a crowd pleaser...well, amongst the meat eaters of our crew anyway. HOT BREAKFAST SAUSAGE anyone?!!) for our inlaws and some close friends and then more friends came by for drinks and desert. Sadly, I didn't photograph much. (New goal: USE BIG EXPENSIVE CAMERA for The Blogging.)

I made these brownies too (from a box yo. don't judge. i don't like dessert.)
I put one candle for every decade. And we let Nate help blow out the "hot fire hurt you" candles.
On Sunday (actual birthday day!) we took a jaunt (how jaunty!) across the Big Dam Bridge. We left our other dog Roxy at home. It's JUST Arlo is so much more MELLOW. We hit up the Pizza Cafe for lunch where Nate read us the menu:
We all came home and napped and, when Nate woke up he asked for "strawberry ice cream" (which, i should mention, he has NEVER had before but was quite specific about) so we obliged since it was "daddy's birthday" and a treat. And, maybe, quite possibly dinner for all of us. Hmmmm these photos all look eerily similar! DAMN YOU iPhone. I will carry a camera again!

Anyway, we had a great (albeit calm and boring) weekend for his birthday!


Jax said...

Love it! Cute cute. Those brownies look like they're on Fie-yah! (fire).. haha! :) Love the "Nate is reading the menu to us" haha.. Awesome. Happy 30 to Karl!

Lauryl Lane said...

Fun! Happy bday to Karl! Sammy's 30th is next month and I'm hosting a Mad Men-style celebration for him. He picked the theme and insists that everyone has to dress up, smoke, and drink. ;-) I'm pretty sure that our 30s are going to rock!

Ashley said...

Happy (late) birthday to Karl! I still can't believe you don't like dessert. But, I love dessert and brownies out of the box are the BEST kind in my opinion :) Looks like you guys had a great birthday weekend!

Stacia said...

Happy Birthday!
Nate is such a doll!!

Kate said...

my brain just froze up and locked at "I don't like dessert."
Does. Not. Compute. Me no understandy.

melissa said...

"hot fire hurt you" is probably going to work its way into my lexicon now. this is not me complaining. that shit is adorable. happy birthday, kaptain karl! ooh, kat, if you haven't already gotten him a gift, i have a GREAT idea: a round-trip ticket to l.a.! FOR YOU! FOR A MONTH! yes? no? your thoughts? :) :) :) xo

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