phrases i never imagined could be

We can't bring your combine into the bathtub.

But he can watch.

::arranges combine properly on toilet to observe bathtime::


melissa said...

i would have nightmares if i caught that thing watching me bathe. i'm not kidding. :)

jessica said...

This is hilarious and creepy at the same time :)

nicole said...

HA! Too funny...

Stacia said...

that is hilarious!! the things we do as mother's ha!

Panamamama said...

There will be so many things we say we thought we never would even hear... Scary. Wish I had the brain cells left to remember what most of mine were. Going to make a point to write them down!

Susan said...

Haha. I had to talk Setler out of taking his snack in the tub! Seriously!?!?

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

So cute! I find myself uttering,"I can't have anything nice anymore!" as I hear Grayson break something else. But, I'd take a broken frame over him growing up.

: (

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