that's the deal

Wellllll heeeeeeeeeyyyyy. I've missed you! Have you missed me? (Say YES or that's it: punch to the head. I will not tolerate your LIES.)

I've been, uh, working a lot. In offices. With people. And a desk. And this thing called a phone, which, it turns out, you use to CALL PEOPLE... you know, to "touch base" and "check in" and "follow up." Which is strange. Yesterday at my Tuesday Thursday gig, I sent out 56 emails. Most of them got a response. With words. That mostly made sense. I find myself more patient listening to people's cryptic voicemails and emails after understanding things like "biwwwda mixa" mean I WANT TO WATCH BOB THE BUILDER RIGHT NOW AND NOT THE ONE ABOUT SCOOP THE BACKHO THE ONE ABOUT DIZZY THE CONCRETE MIXER (DAMNIT!!) (I often imagine Nate would add that to his whine sentences if he knew what it meant!).

ANY-way you might ask 'WHAT IS SHE DOING?!?' (I know you are all wondering... most likely followed by the questions 'Has she officially gone NUTSO?' after that whole Bob the Builder tangent.)

The answer: I'm not sure!

Mostly, I found this job through a friend on The Twitters. (I know you are all SHOCKED.) (I find a lot of things on The Twitters. Don't judge.) A friend on Twitter pointed me to one of her friends (Not on Twitter - THE HORROR.) who was looking for some part time, day time help. I sent her my resume on a Friday via email, got a response within 10 minutes and had an interview on Monday! (Followed by an offer on Tuesday.) The company is a PR and event planning kind of place (small office w/ 2 or 3 people in it... if you are a Little Rockian and dying to know the name, ask me IRL or email me; I'm not sure yet how much I want to share here). The hours are killer - part time and with plenty of time to drop Nate off and pick him and up and still have mornings and afternoon time to play. The pay is decent for the hours and it's looking I'll be working three days a week to start. Mostly I will be doing some web content management, some press release writing and some conference planning.

I am not sure how much I should discuss since I am currently working there on Mondays and Wednesdays and finishing up my maternity leave business on Tuesdays and Thursdays. THAT, my friends, has been the hardest part. I am feeling like I can't fully commit to new job b/c of old job and feeling obligated to old job b/c, well, I promised and I already cut my time there shorter than originally planned. (BUT HOW WAS I TO KNOW!?!) Plus, finding childcare has been NOT THE FUN. I hate disappointing people, so I've been straddling b/w the two places but that will end soon and, well, we'll see I guess!

Mostly, I am just cautious about the whole thing. I must admit, though my hours have been few thus far at the new place, I am enjoying it. I feel like I'm struggling with the never-ending BALANCE/IDENTITY quest. I like working so I should do that, yes? I like playing with Nate so I should do that too. I like hanging out with Karl so I should do that too. I also like my girls and my bookclubs and supperclubs and my church friends. (CUE JESSIE SPANO'S TIME SPEECH!)

(Or a speech about how I often feel these aren't 'REAL' problems but I struggle with them nevertheless.)

Per the norm, I shall keep you posted.


Kaitlin said...

Just goes to show how well networking works when looking for a job- even through Twitter! The new part-time gig sounds wonderful! The work/life balance will always be a struggle, but I've got to think that if you like what you're doing, it will be easier!

Jax said...

New job=exciting!You'll find your balance.. It will take a bit, but it'll happen. :) I tend to overdo it until I find my balance, but then it all just kinda equalized and all is right with the world...until I take on too much and the process starts again. No idea how you're handling TWO jobs right now though, crazy! XOXO!

Ashley said...


I love when you write posts like this, they crack me up and I feel like we're having an IRL conversation.

I'm glad you're liking your 'new' gig. Hopefully when the 'old' one is over, you'll be able to find the balance easier. And then as soon as you do, soemthing will happen and it'll all go to shit again. That's how it always works out for me :)

p.s. yeah, I've heard that that Scoop is quite the backHO :) I crack myself up!

brooke knight said...

THOSE ARE TOTALLY 'REAL' PROBLEMS. At least I hope so, since I struggle with them EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE.

you are the awesomes.

melissa said...

"irl" = "in real life?" did i really just figure that out by myself or is that wrong? if the answer is 'a' then i'm a freakin genius. :)

anyhow, i think you're a superwoman with all your jobs and your friends and your bad-ass family life and all the time and patience to do it all. you can say you don't, but you are wrong. you handle it like a pro, and i'm so proud of and happy for you. :) xoxoxo

p.s. agreed with b; you are, indeed, the awesomes.

Kitchen Belleicious said...

that job sounds incredible. Like a dream in fact! How exciting for you!


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