chicken wings? boobie tassles?

This weekend is Little Rock's annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K. It is a HUGE event in this small town.

I am participating, and as in years past (and in true Kat-fashion), I shall be making my own t-shirt. Once again I will be racing for my grandma and my aunt and my mom's best friend (and, clearly, all other women battling or beating breast cancer).

Unlike in year's past, I would like to open up my shirt to names that YOU suggest (if you want to). If you have anyone you want me to run for, let me know in the comments or send me an email. I'm making the shirt tomorrow evening.

Here are some flashbacks:


This race was a few months after Nate was born and I felt the need to also discuss (on my shirt) my own milk-producing boobies (reducing my own risk for breast cancer and making others aware that breastfeeding could reduce cancer chances; surely something to brag about, yes?). It seems sort of silly now that I put it on my shirt but I was damn proud of that boob juice.

Additionally, this year I designed my shirt AROUND MY BABY SLING. HAHAHAHA. I'm ridiculous.

But look, I swear there was a baby in there:
This was 2007 when I didn't realize (because I am an idiot) that the survivors wore pink (not this shade but pink nevertheless) and made my shirt pink. I still wear this shirt to the grocery store and around town sometimes (and by sometimes I mean pretty frequently!). I always wonder what people think when they see GRANDMA PAT scrawled across my chest. Let me know if you have anyone you want me to scrawl on there this year! You can have premium placement.


care said...

would you pretty please write "mindy" on it? she's a kd sister of mine who has beaten breast cancer FOUR times. she's also an incredibly remarkable human being!

I think it's awesome that you do this every year!

melissa said...

dear god, thank you so much for not having a single person in my life that has had to battle breast cancer. i'm a genuinely lucky girl. also, god, thanks for kat and her homemade shirts and the goodness in her heart. amen.

i wear my "protect 2nd base" shirt a lot of places without much regard to the back saying "check your boobs." i get stranger looks here than i did in little rock. :) wish i could be there with you! have fun! hooray for you, and for everyone doing their part. :) xoxoxo

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