a christmas post: pictorial style (IT"S JOURNALISTIC)

Despite our original plan to have Christmas in St. Louis this year being DERAILED (See how I did that? TRAIN language is becoming a part of my daily vocab.) it was one of my favorite Christmas' ever. Here's how Christmas Eve and Christmas Day went:

Christmas Eve AM: Trip to the Krogers.

I actually did attempt a photograph of the madness but as I was pointing my phone mid-air (like I was at a concert shaking my hips like yea) some woman ran in to me with her cart and gave me a nasty "get out of my way" talking to (MERRY CHRISTMAS NEW FRIEND!!) and I went about my business like a good little holiday procrastinator.

Christmas Eve Afternoon: The Cooking

Potato Casserole? WHAM:
Lasagna for Christmas dinner? BAM.

Chicken Enchiladas for the Homeless? THANK YOU M'AM.
(And Karl helped me roll all those eeeeenchhheeladas. Christmas Eve bonus points for him.)

Dishes: BOO.
Christmas Eve Night: Party Under the Broadway Bridge

Our nephew Simeon was in town and came to help:
I'm happy to say that we passed out all our sleeping bags, gloves, socks, scarves and food. It was amazing.
Christmas Day AM:

We skyped with my parents and sister. Here is a screen shot of mom opening the gift I sent her. (P.S. I love you Internet.) Then we received a call from Simeon (shown above) at 8:45 in the a.m. saying that they'd been waiting for HOURS and could we please hurry? Christmas Day AM continues with some gift opening and a gorgeous breakfast and lunch with a full table:

Christmas Day PM:

FAMILY NAP TIME. I do not have a photo but it was GLORIOUS. Then we headed out of the city to Karl's dad's house where Karl received a shotgun (excuse me, a RIFLE) from his dad. As Nate would say "NO NO NOT SCARY" when things are very, very scary.

Christmas Evening: Home!! I made Christmas dinner! It wasn't exactly a typical Christmas meal but I had such a great time cooking and hosting. We had some family and some friends without family in town over.

We ended the evening with a little "Christmas Vacation" watching! HA!
Let me know if you put up a Holiday Recap and I'll link it here.


Stacia said...

great pics! I'll take an enchilada :)
I have put up a recap (2 actually) if you want to link~ Happy New Year doll!

Jennifer said...

and then a thought flew into his funnel

Panamamama said...

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lovely Christmas. Missed you. Happy New Year!

--Aunt Jayne

Melissa said...

chicken enchiladas. yum....

The Smiths said...

Wow Kat you really stuck it to Christmas this year with all the merry festivities! Hope your new year is great!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Ashley said...

I love this post. It that you and Nate cuddling on the recliner in the last pic? If so, I love it. So sweet and cozy!

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