karl and i were asleep by 12:05!

I started to do a 'year-in-review' post but decided that b/w my grandfather's passing, our miscarriage, Karl switching jobs and me finding a new job, it's been a crazy sort of a year and I don't really want to look back that closely at the moment.


So, instead, I'm going to look on forward. (I hope you got that from all the CAPSLOCK.)

These are not resolutions PER SE but...

This year I want to volunteer more, change more, cook more for others, stop being upset about old friendships that are fading naturally b/c life is just in the way (i have change/letting go issues), seek new friendships and do more things for myself, be more productive and (somehow!) put all my INTERNETS in one place. I also want to continue the ole bloggity blog log and finish up my Project 365! And maybe start a new internet project and maybe do another Run Like Robot 5K. And maybe (please god) potty train my child. And maybe I'll do a little bit of running and maybe do a little bit of procreating. We'll see.

Welcome 2011. I'm happy to see you!


nicole said...

Cheers to looking forward! and to potty-training (good luck)! xoxo.

Jennifer said...

i like the running and procreating parts

sdhorton said...

Yes..Let's look forward..I am all for that (and the other stuff you mentioned).

Panamamama said...

Yes, go forward young woman! :) Potty training sucks but remember candy (or bribery in any sort) does work. Just speaking from experience...

Jax said...

"..and maybe do a little bit of procreating.." haha... :) I love it! And if you do run like a robot, I'm gonna need a t shirt. I think you should have added "do more flash mobs" b/c that's kinda awesome, too. I firmly believe that my even numbered years are more challenging (in a bad way) than my odd numbered ones... sooo.. bring on 2011! I'm ready for some fun!

megan mcniff said...

anything jose oquendo related can't be bad....

run baby run.....

PS: good luck with potty training. pave the road and pass on tips to those following behind you.

katandkarl said...


Kerri said...

I wish you all the best at potty training. At one point, I was CERTAIN, Monkey Boy would go to Kindergarten in pull-ups. But it finally happened.

I wish you well in all of your forward movement.

Misty said...

Wow you did have a rough 2010. Hope 2011 is super swell for you :)

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