ha BLOODY (literally) HA universe

Yesterday I decided ENOUGH SITTING DOWN and went to run with a group I had never run with (nor met) ever before. (For my local friends, it's the Tuesday night group that meets at the Go Running store in The Heights at 6pm. They offer 3, 4 and 6 mile routes.).

I met all these stranger friends at the running store and we took off down the mean streets of LR. (Side note: One man told us he was going to go "really slow" and when asked his pace he said EIGHT MINUTE MILES! Um, sir, that is practically sprinting in my world! You MAY NOT be my running partner!)

I was cruising along pretty well when WHAT TO MY WANDERING EYES DID APPEAR?

Well, actually, I didn't see it AT ALL and completely FELL DOWN.

Like the most ungraceful, slow motion, old lady NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fall of all time. ON A GUMBALL. A gumball. Who does that!?

Seriously, I tripped and my ankle went all rolley polley and both my knees were bloodied (through my pants!) and I thought 1. I might vomit from the shock of it and 2. I might DIE OF EMBARRASSMENT. GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION!

(I am not officially injured and am applying the Rules of Rice (rest, ice, compression,elevatation) to the old ankle. Did I mention how ridiculous I still feel about it!?)

The good news is: I finished the three miles!

Our homemade Advent calendar went up tonight (okay, well, we took it out of the attic anyway) and I shall have photographs in the next day or two! While I'm still flabbergasted it's almost the end of 2010, I am attempting to ring in DECEMBER appropriately this year! Does anyone else put up an Advent Calendar? What kind of things should I put in there for Nate? (The pockets are super small.)


Aubrey said...

So sorry about your big spill, friend. It did make me laugh. This year you should make a homemade ornament out of a glittered up gumball just so you will NEVER FORGET. :)

And speaking of homemade, your calendar (I remember it from last year and I still want it...will you make me one??) kicks my girls' plastic store-bought calendar's ass.


Unknown said...

Oh, those gumballs ARE bitches. I still remember, at my 5th or 6th or 7th grade end-of-the-season basketball team party (quit laughing, yes I "played" basketball), we were playing a little ball in my teammate's backyard. I guess nobody thought to clear out the rug of gumballs that littered the concrete slab, and I went down HARD. Very painful, very embarrassing. So, I feel ya.

As for the advent calendar, Target probably has some of those tiny containers of bubbles. Those might be fun.

Kate said...

dum dum suckers or little peppermint candies are nice and small.

other ideas: temp tattoos, stickers

good for you for trying something new! I'd be so scared that everyone was fast. hope you are okay!

Sarah said...

cutest advent idea ever - put little slips of paper with fun family activities for each evening... like this cute mommy did: http://thoughtfuldesigns.blogspot.com/2010/12/our-advent-calendar.html

melissa said...

W00 to running.

Boo to falling down.

The only time I have ever fallen down running was because of some sad excuse of a sidewalk. It wasn't level but yeah I tripped on a sidewalk.

Meredith said...

I love the slow-mo old lady NOOOO! Great (yet horribly embarrassing) image. So sorry. I'm so impressed you just went out there with that group of running strangers. Very cool.

Sarah said...

a full list of activities for the advent:

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