weekend snippets: holiday parade style

Mostly I've got this classiness goin' on (I am too cheap to purchase Kleenex apparently):
which is an accurate representation of my life the past two days. I abHOR being even slightly ill so, yea, that's annoying but it is what it is! I shall emerge someday soon, paler, more unkempt and (possibly) two to three pounds less (bonus!).

On Saturday, the company that I work for CRUISE DIRECTED (I had a clip board, highlighter, golf cart and everything) a Holiday Parade (called the Jingle Jubilee for those of you in town!). Part of my job was to chalk the lines on two city blocks (and let me tell you that we started before the street was barricaded by the cops and THAT made for some interesting chalking! Cue "CAR!! GAME ON" quote from Wayne's World).

Anyway, there were around 100 floats and/or marching folks (girl scouts and bands and the what not) and we had to make sure they lined up in some semblance of order. This is the part of the day when I realize I can't draw a straight line (AHEM):
HA, right?

The lines turned out not to matter as much as the YELL YELL YELLING and loudness of my voice (Cue the 'You will respect my AUTHORITAH!' quotes from Southpark!?). (Which, if you don't know me...well... I can be loud when I need to be... all those years of soccer and softball taught me well.)

There was one minor glitch when we realized the Hum@ne Society was lined up directly behind a band of (apparently bad ass) motorcyclists. Every time one of them revved their bike, the dogs would either a. pee themselves or b. start shaking uncontrollably. Poor pups!! Needless to say, we moved them quickly.

This was my favorite float... not because of the decorations necessarily but because these 'shepards' (wise men?) were SO cute and SO serious with their waving duties that I couldn't help but giggle.
After the parade, my coworker warmed up (It was in the 50s the whole day) with this:
I partook in a Beer (surprise) and headed home to shower off the (mean) city streets and take some Advil (for the pounding head from the yelling) and crawl under my own covers with my own little snuggle bunny.


Ashley said...

Not only do I refuse to buy kleenex and instead use the toilet paper roll, I stuff the snotty toilet paper into the middle hole part if i'm not near a trash can. CLASSY is my middle name. :) Hope you feel better soooonn!!

Jax said...

I feel extra classy when I actually have kleenex at home...haha.. really. It's kind of like when I remember to buy gum for my purse. "Would you like some gum, b/c I have some b/c I'm AWESOME." haha.. Anyway, love the parade stuff... Poor pups lined up behind the bikers! And um.. chalking anything reminds me too much of hootiefest. Memories.. *sigh* :) If only you we had a clipboard and the ability to bark orders back then...Campus would have gotten chalked a lot faster.

sdhorton said...

I feel ya on the being sick thing. Not so fun. I too refuse to buy Kleenex. I mean toliet paper is basically the same thing and I already have it so no need to by special Kleenex.

melissa said...

i like the "hor" part, too. :) xo

Aubrey said...

Hahaha. The peeing dogs, the Wayne's world reference, the TP for Kleenex substitution all made for some good reading. (And Ashley's and Jackie's comments were icing on the proverbial cake.)

Not that I'm SURPRISED. I EXPECT good reading when I come here. The bar is set high, my friend. :)