Nate: Year 2, Month 5

Before I unleash my CHRISTMAS SPIRIT series of posts on you (And I am seriously TRYING this year but I do have to tell you that while I was out of town for work this week that Karl took Nate to go buy a tree b/c I was refusing one this year. They snuck it in and texted me a picture of it!) , I thought that I would do a quick Naterpants update since it's been a bit and he's HILARIOUS lately.

He's been answering all questions of "Who taught you to play softball?" or "Who made you so smart?" or "Who taught you to stand up straight?" with a FIRM "Ms. Monique." (Ms. Monique is his very favorite teacher though lately he's been throwing some Ms. Marcias in there.)

He's been adjusting to school well and being away from me more. (Though nap time is still a battle - at home and at school). I can definitely tell he was "mad" at me for a while and he often prefers Karl to me these days. I went to pick him up from school a couple of weeks ago and he took one look at me and said "I want Daddy" and tried to GO BACK INTO THE SCHOOL. (My heart, shattered)

He has ZERO interest in the p-o-t-t-y. Sigh. I'm resigning myself to diapers until he goes to college.

He has been big on saying "It's perfect" about all things temperature related.

Me: Is your bath too hot?
Nate: No, not hot. Not cold. It PERFECT mommy.
(My heart, mended.)

Related: The temperature of mac n cheese, the outdoor air, the warmness under the covers.... It's all "PERFECT."

He is still a bundle of SERIOUS energy and being indoors b/c of the cold is NOT easy on him. We go out as often as we can. He had big issues with wearing a coat for weeks. He refused. Mostly, I tried not to make a big deal about it but when the air got too cold, we started forcing the issue. He puts it on willingly now though I have to assure him he can take it off once we get inside. We're working on hats and gloves (because GOD FORBID we try to keep him warm).

He also will still only wear the ONE PAIR of shoes. I have to tell you that this initially bothered me. Mostly b/c I would put other shoes on his feet and he would scream like someone was murdering him and fall down like he had lost the ability to walk. But, now (other than wondering if his teachers think it's weird) I don't mind. It's, um, cost effective. And we did just purchase some new tennis shoes for him and are having some luck. And by luck I mean he will hold them and say "new shoes" b/c we haven't attempted to actually put them ON his feet yet. (Who would have thought shoe wearing would be such a parenting issue?!)

Oh ALSO over the weekend, I thought Nate was quietly playing by himself (A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE itself!) when I walked into the kitchen to find my favorite purse SHARPIEfied. It was a sad, sad moment y'all. For real. (The sharpie was IN the purse). Thankfully, the sharpie didn't extend to the cabinets or the couch in the kitchen. Because that is most assuredly NOT coming off.

And finally, I realize that some of you haven't had the JOY of listening to my 2 year old's 80 year old man voice. I present (it's somewhat long and of poor quality; I don't blame you if you CLICK AWAY but I just have to tell you that I LOVE IT with all my heart.)


melissa said...

NOT THE GREEN PURSE!!! i loved that bag! :)

i miss you and nater boots and even karl kind of because of posts like this. you have a fun, cool, strange little family and think you're all the bee's knees. especially you. :)

kisses to the kid from auntie m!

Aubrey said...

No chance I was going to click away during that 1:54 of SOLID GOLD CUTENESS.

Add another mark to the Nate and Kate similarities column: Kate will only (and I mean ONLY) wear her "circle shoes." She even does the I-suddenly-cannot-walk thing. And she hates coats and hats. And AND she screams bloody murder when I so much as say the word mittens.

Jax said...

Ohmygosh the green purse!!!! *sigh* It had a good life..

And that video is PRECIOUS!!!I love it when he tries to get the names of things kinda awkwardly/adorably then says "what do you see" so clearly.. ha! ADORABLE!

Cara Beth said...

Nate is a future artist! or maybe a purse designer. ;) Sorry about your purse though.

Andrea said...

Sigh...oh, little boys, so sweet.

Keep the bag. It's bound to be a Nate-exclusive one day when he's famous. :)

Leslie Robus said...

That stinks about the purse, but we did NOT click away! Loved watching every second. Nor, did we observe the 80 year old man voice. Nate is so cute reading! :-)

Jennifer said...

That video makes me smile so very big. He is beautiful and smart and funny and everything you could ever want your son to be. I love you guys.

sdhorton said...

love the video. love Nate.

Anonymous said...

The purse incident reminds me of a time 2 little cousins "powdered" your bathroom.

--Aunt Jayne