little bit of Christmas community CHEEEEEER

We attended Karl's work party at the Arkansas Governor's Mansion this past week. We were greeted at the door by Governor Beebe (which was a complete SHOCK and amazing! I really wanted to ask for a photo with him but no one else was and I didn't want to be the TACKY one. Sigh. I really wish I had though - tacky or not! He even poured some wine for some of the guests.)

Here a shot looking down the stairs over the ballroom:

I have to tell you that I bought this dress (and two others) thirty minutes before the party (at Schmarget). I wasn't able to try any on because I had Nate with me and was in a rush. (I took the other two back to the store today.) This was my last choice and a last minute "eh-i'll throw it in the cart" purchase (see also: maybe it's a shirt?). Needless to say the other two looked horrid and this one, well, it worked! CUTE, right?

The only problem? Since it was my last choice, I had no shoes to match. (I really need some brown boots.) With 15 minutes to spare before the party, my friend Sarah offered her shoes (a little too big for me) and pointed me to Kerri, who had like SEVEN amazing pairs in my size and lives within a couple miles of me.

Boom. Problem solved! We decided on some sassy cowboy boots and hit the road. (Karl was not stressed at all I SWEAR.)

AND we were even 5 minutes early.


Oh and also:

Fancy Arkansas seal plates w/ delicious food:

I finally feel like Christmas might actually happen this year.


Kerri said...

you look too cute for words! I knew one day I could justify my boot habit!!!!

brooke knight said...

hey. you are cute. that looks like it was a good work holiday party! ours are a "christmas casual" pot luck at the boss's house. not quite as thrilling.

Stacia said...

your look fab!!