empty-socket snowman eyeholes ARE creepy right?

Well, I know you all were wondering (desperately) what Nate thought of all the (five whole inches of!) snow. The only thing Nate has said regarding the HOURS of snow play (when questioned by teachers and grandparents and even complete strangers): "The snowman eyes fall off. He no hurt you." (Said very solemnly.)

Lawd, I have scarred my child from snowpeople for life!

His little imagination has been working OVERTIME lately and he often pretends that his fingers are characters from Toy Story (Jesse, Bullseye, Woody and occasionally Buzz Lightyear to be specific) and that we need to nibble them. ('Eat Buzz Whightyear Mommy?' he asks.) (And I totally do.)

This afternoon he stopped playing suddenly and said "Mommy, catch the hamburger from the sky!" and then proceeded to pretend to catch and eat it, complete with mustard and onions (or so he claimed).

I would LOVE to be inside that little head for just FIVE MINUTES!

I have a grand post in the works... perhaps tomorrow? Karl started his volunteer basketball coaching gig (5th year!) and the hours he spends at the gym seem MUCH longer now that Nate is older and asks "Where Daddy?" every 30 seconds.

I leave you with this rare family pic (I guess we like orange, eh?) (Also, I swear I had gloves on and a coat at some point) (Also how cool do the TREES look in the backyard?):


Lauryl Lane said...

beautiful snow! nate sounds like such an interesting kiddo, i love how his mind works! ;-)

Ashley said...

Aww, sweet Nate! Poor kid will forever have nightmares of snowmen. At least you guys don't usually get enough snow to MAKE snowmen so maybe it won't be too traumatizing for him in later years :)

Natalie and Matt Dill said...

Cutest snowman pic ever!

melissa said...

i want a sky burger, add the cheese, hold the onions. kthx.

sdhorton said...

do I see next year's Christmas card's photo?... I think so.

Anonymous said...

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Desperately Seeking Gina said...

I envy a child's imagination. Although, sometimes even I imagine burgers falling from the sky and think about gobbling them up before anyone notices {I haven't eaten meat in about 4 years}.