i'm meeeeelttting, meeeeellllllting

Ok, I'm not melting but the snow is. And thank baby jesus god mary joseph and all the saints in heaven. (Too much?)

We are OVER IT. (And yes I realize what a PANS I sound like.)

School and work have been out since Wednesday morning (IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT) and we've been home bound and I can't take it anymore. It's pretty much gone and not a single minute of our days tomorrow is unplanned. (PEOPLE. I NEED PEOPLE.)

Though we DID manage to eek some final moments of enjoyment out of the cold and will be whining about the heat in no time I am sure. (That was my lead in to the plethora of photos - lame I know but PHOTOS = yea, right?)

We did a little sledding redneck pool toy style:
The $2 intertube was the most popular (and the fastest) until we ran into a tree (Alright it was a shrub that was NEXT TO a tree, but a tree just sounds so much more dramatic.) and popped it.
And then while Nate napped (hooray!) we had some adult snow time and made the perfect snowman, a vast improvement over our last attempt as far as Obtaining the Perfect Snowman goes.
Partly this is because my OCD husband was helping to sculpt the balls (ahem), partly because this snow was PERFECT for snowman-makin', and partly because Nate was napping and none of the neighborkids were helping this go round.

ALSO we had a little help from my mother-in-law, keeper of EVERYTHING USEFUL. (Seriously, one time I told her we were having a fiesta-themed party and she ran to her storage room to get her stash of perfectly-worn and amazing mexican blankets... which (clearly) were the perfect touch to the party!) (Also that sled with the steering wheel that all the kids went gaga over? From her.)

ANYWAY, she provided us with THIS:
Which had very USEFUL instructions such as these:
(In case you are unfamiliar with The Snow Man.)

Whilst we built we also found the perfect beer holders (his and hers?):
And I took pictures (seriously like 7) of Nate's boots. (Are they for girls? Are they for boys? Who knows but I love them anyway.) He's been wearing them around the house for days with his undies and a t-shirt, which for some reason is the picture of toddlerhood to me and makes me indescribably happy.)
In CONCLUSION, this snowman was way too perfect that we just wanted to destroy him:

(We didn't but glorious Mr. SUN did today!)


Desperately Seeking Gina said...

That's, quite possibly, the nicest snowman I've ever seen! And I'm from the Great White north!!

melissa said...

love this! and you. and nate. and the boots. xo

sdhorton said...

I have never seen a more "perfect" snowman. wow!

Jax said...

That's the best snowman ever! Too bad you totally killed him... jerks. ;) haha! Kidding. And love the intertube!

Ashley said...

Heehee, you said balls :) Seriously, that is THE best snowman ever!! I love the Snowman Kit, I've seen it before and thought about getting it, clearly, I should not get it when I see it next.

Jennifer said...

To bad you didn't enter him in any snowman contests. I'm sure he would have won.