oh rexy you so sexy

We accidentally stole a dinosaur from the hairdresser.

Somehow, we wound up celebrating the dino's birthday at dinner (please note the delicious cake).

He got his own piece of pizza as well.
JEALOUS of our stellar parenting skills?


the day's said...

i WOULD judge...but i fed my ten month old cheese pizza last night. and besides...you taught thinking of others (it was rexy's party afterall), AND sharing your dinner. i'd say you're WAAAY ahead of me!

Chatty Fattie said...

Accidental theft is a necessary part of parenting...as is cheese pizza, butcher paper tablecloths, and dinosaur birthdays. I love it.

melissa said...

RAWR. xo

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

I love this! Keep up the great work (as parents).

Jax said...

hahaha! Love it. And I love the title.