snapping out of it

I'm trying, I'm trying. I've been debating (for the first time in 5 plus years of blogging) of hitting the big DELETE THIS BLOG button. But I'm going to attempt to POWER THROUGH all marathon-like and keep my lovely little family stories going for my PERMANENT RECORD. If it doesn't start working soon, I'll know it's TIME.

So, on that note, here is a completely random-ass post.

I am trying to remember things LONG, LONG ago before the February Funk set it. Sometime in January, I submitted a sketch book to The SketchBook Project.

I'm not really a big SKETCHER but this sounded fun. Basically you buy a sketchbook (everyone receives the same size moleskin sketchbook through the arthouse co-op site), you receive (or choose from a list) a theme and then GO! Sketch away. You can use any medium you so choose. Then you post-mark it, they receive and catalog it and TAKE IT ON TOUR. Each book has its own bar code so every time an individual "checks out" my book, I receive an email telling me so. Pretty sweet, right? There are 28,838 participants this year (ranging from 2 year olds to stay at home mamas to professional artists).

My theme (which is somewhat hilarious given my mood as of late) was HAPPY THINGS!

Here are a few of my pages. (Keep in mind = not an arteeeeest but A CREATIVE. HA. Yep. I'm a Creative. Capital C, yo.)

Here's my silly little cover (It's good to be reminded of The Happy.):

And some of my pages:

(Please note the wash cloth and mitten in the first photo. CLEARLY a well thought-out, creative photography shot. (I apparently can't do multiple creative things at once.))

Love Bench in downtown Little Rock:
Old pregnancy photo (Don't look too closely; one of my feet is MISSING.)
One final amazing picture:

The books start in Brooklyn and travel across the US. (Portland, DC, Atlanta, Austin, San Fran and (ending in June) in Seattle.

My book is in there somewhere!



Lauryl Lane said...

very cool, kat. like!

Our Happy Married Life... said...

don't stop blogging! I think it's that time of year because this is the second blog this week I read where the blogger wants to throw in the towel. :)

Unknown said...

The February Funk is striking here too. Hang in there. I love reading your bloggity blog.

Jennifer said...

I love you and your blog even when I've heard the stories before you write them. Don't stop. Love you.

sarabethjones said...

um. you are not allowed to quit. hear this from your old (as in ancient) friend.

because who else is going to say "here is a random ass post" - WHO?

plus i love this notebook idea!

Sarah said...

scrapbook library so cool. your book is in there! this is awesome.

don't quit. i get in funks too... then i remember who i really write for ... lucia! and like you said OUR OWN RECORD.