notes from the potty training files: PREPARE TO VOMIT

Seriously BEWARE: brief poop talk ahead! (Don't forget to CLICK AWAY if it disgusts you. Which it might. But, really, after all these years, if we can't talk about bodily functions then WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS ARE WE?)

So, it's official - this house is (finally) diaper free. I thought the day would (seriously) never come but over our snow-day lockdown we cranked the heat up to like 75 (ok, that was more for me) and let Nate run around mostly naked for three days and, well, since then there has been much peeing and praise (and the occasional chocolate bribery) and all the normal potty training hoopla.

Having a bowel movement? MUCH MORE DIFFICULT. He will hold it for several days and then seem slightly surprised when it happens. I know he knows when he has to go b/c he asks to sit down (he prefers to pee standing up. which is actually slightly hilarious to watch on the regular toilet since he is. aren't you glad i shared that detail with you?). Last week he went (poop. yep. I said it. SORRY.) and the following conversation ensued:

Nate (gripping on to my arms for dear life as he sits on the toilet and peering between his legs): What is that Mommy?
Me: Well, buddy, that's your poop.
Nate: It not a rock, Mommy? It poop?
Me: Not a rock.
Nate: What is poop, Mommy?
Me: (HA.) Well, it's when your body eliminates all the food you put in your tummy. (Um... technical definition there. Good enough, right?)



Aubrey said...

HAHAHAHA! That cracks me up! Hooray for being diaper free! Well done, Nate!

We STILL can't flush poop in this house without going through abstract art analysis. This stinky looks like a worm. This stinky looks like a rock. This stinky looks like a hat with a little bell on it. Not kidding. She has said all of those things at one time or another. DEAR GOD! The things we endure for our children...

katandkarl said...

ha! and the best part is you have to be all, "It DOES looks like a worm! Hooray!!"

Maria said...

LOL! I'm SO glad you didn't delete the blog. TB still has some good ones, but none better than "my penis is HUGE mommy" comments I still get when he is...um...excited.

sdhorton said...

Chicken and waffles is great! Nash called his a "poo poo boat" bc thats what they called it at school. So excited for Nate. The boy being potty trained is both easier and harder.

melissa said...

chicken and waffles... that's my boy. :) so glad for you, mommy! no diapers! boosh!

Andrea said...


Oh God, the things I have to look forward to....

Chatty Fattie said...

Seems like we went the same (nudity)route for potty training...it works. My favorite quote from potty training: After several days of holding in a Count Duku, Elizabeth grunted this: "Mommy, there are potatoes in my butt, not poop."

Jax said...

hahahahahahahaha! Hilarious! Good job, Nate!!!

sarabethjones said...

This is hilarious. Never ever ever delete your blog.


Thanks for making me laugh on a Monday morning!

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