is your future really that bright? IS IT!?!?

(Warning: Old lady style ranting ahead.)

So, a few weeks ago Nate told me that it was bright out and he needed sunglasses. He, my child who hates hats, gloves, most coats and any and all accessories) wanted some shades so we (I) made a bigger deal than I probably should have about it and hit the Target to find some Diego lenses to suit his needs. (Seriously, the styles of kids sunglasses without characters on them - severely lacking.)

I was thrilled to buy them and laughed every time he told me it was too bright and that he needed to wear them (and obligingly helped him find them and put them on). All was well and good UNTIL I tried to photograph him with them on and remembered how much I DESPISE sunglasses in photographs. DESPISE.

See? It just doesn't look as cute:
See? (Insert: I CAN see your pretty eyeballs rumblings here.) This has been a recurring pet peeve of mine and this will be one of my more, um, eccentric blog posts.

Exhibit A:

My baby shower (circa 2008). Aren't we all so pretty? IF ONLY I COULD SEE YOUR EYES SO I CAN REMEMBER YOUR PRETTY FACE IN 30 YEARS (when, all your faces will clearly still be pretty but maybe not exactly the same and I'll be all faulty in memory and "IS THAT SUSAN? I CAN'T BE SURE.) (Disregard the name tag that says "Susan").Exhibit B:

Blogger lunch at Ya Ya's bistro, summer 2010. (Granted, the sun was quite scorch-ey that day and Kerri (down in front) may have actually been blinded had she not had sunglasses on in this photo. )


(Related: WHAT AM I POINTING AT? Perhaps people without sunglasses?)

Photo Courtesy of I Am Bossy, our blogger guest of honor

Exhibit C (and my personal favorite):

I was newly pregs and crazy hormonal at my friend Jenny's wedding in Mexico. Jenny asked us to do a reading during the service. Karl showed up NOT in the brown shirt (that I picked out and matched the wedding color scheme) and with his sunglasses on. All I can remember (and that's terrible because I am sure the reading was beautiful and meaningful and carefully selected) throughout the whole reading is thinking.... "I wonder how rude it would be if I just not-so gently ripped them off his face RIGHT NOW" (For the record, I did not and he is forever recorded in Jenny's wedding memories eyeball-less.)
In conclusion, you should take two things away from this post:

1. I am (officially) crazy.

2. You should be wary of protecting your eyes from harmful, damaging sun rays when I'm wielding a camera.


sdhorton said...

I have honestly never thought of the sunglasses vs. no sunglasses in pictures but I see your point. Love the picture of you at the wedding by the way.

sarabethjones said...

You are hysterical. I have a similar problem with cups/beers/drinks in pictures - leftover, I'm sure, from working as a party pix photog at Baylor - where such things should not be seen...

Panamamama said...

You're so cracking me up this morning! Thanks! I think the blogger lunch looks like a fun time- anyone up for one soon? :)

brooke knight said...

Good post. see, I like the sunglasses. BECAUSE THEY HIDE MY FACE. Also, I feel more like I can pretend I am chic and cool whilst wearing them. And then to document that in a photo, well! Extra awesome. However, you're right. Probably a bit tacky and you have a good point about seeing beautiful faces! I love how you are pretty much the only one in any of those photos not wearing shades!

Jax said...

hahahahahahah this is was kinda awesome. actually, it was really awesome! I never really thought about it but you're so right. I tend to hide behind my glasses but love photos from vacations past when I have them OFF. I seriously was just looking for a photo of Eric and me from Maui to use as a profile one and I was like "ugh, we have glasses on in ALL of these." Such an obvious point you make but something I didnt really think about. I dig it.

Ashley said...

I've never ever thought of this before, but you're RIGHT! You really can't see people clearly when they have them on! I make it a point to wear them in pics because, well, I guess because they DO in fact, hide my face. Haha

P.S. Nate is getting SO BIG! :)

Eve said...

that picture of you at the wedding is so pretty! glad Nate is feeling better.

Susan said...

Yes, that is Susan! Damn, she's hot! OH, hi, everyone! lol
I totally get you, but my eyes are SO sensitive (the downside to blues), that I'd be squinting and watering so intensely, it also wouldn't look like me! I had this very thought at Wye last week. I tried one with them off but could feel the crowsfeet multiplying so, I threw them back on! Good point!

jessica said...

This is hilariuos and you make a good point. I don't think I'll ever take another photo in sunglasses again.