The Time Suck of Sick

Day that Nate's fever started: Saturday.

Day it is now: Friday.

Days Nate has gone to school this week: zero.
(Fever stopped Thursday AM but they have to be fever free for 24 hours to go to school.)

Number of trips to After Hours Clinic: 1.

Number of phone calls to pedi: 3.

Doses of alternating Tylenol and motrin: way too many.

Movies watched: way too many. I want to throw the TV out the window.

Hours spent sleeping upright in a chair with a hot and sweaty toddler: way too many.

Hours I went to work at my actual office this week: (embarrassingly) 6. My boss is amazing. Also, I am very behind.

Rooms in my house cleaned: zero (unless you count the thousands of germ-eradicating swipes of door knobs and remotes).

Grocery store trips: zero. Looks like we are eating out all weekend!!

Final diagnosis: something viral, not the flu.... Nobody knows! Fever virus!

Total time suck: one week. What did I miss?!?


melissa said...

ugh. poor hills fam. :( wanna come over tomorrow and drink wine with me? it'll cheer you up for sure. :) xo

sdhorton said...

sucks....Nash had something similar a couple of weeks ago. Dr. said she thought it was RSV or flu but turned out to be an upper respiratory thing. No fun..At least it will be a pretty weekend to get out of the house.

Natalie and Matt Dill said...

The ER @ the hospital I work at has had tons of "viral" infection dx's but haven't seen as much flu or rsv in a month or two. Hope you guys feel better soon!