the orange and green

You all.

It's almost St. Patrick's Day, which (as you know) is one of my favorite days.

THAT IS WHY (clearly) I am up at 10 p.m. making (oddly shaded) green cookies in an (flour covered) orange shirt for Nate's school party. LOOKIN GOOD, yes?

Tomorrow, my friends, we will roll them out and cut them into little shamrocks and, um, chase all the snakes out of - wait, what is this holiday for again? Beer drinking, right?


Lauryl Lane said...

yes, yes, and i could use a beer right now!!! ;-)

Jax said...

Duh. That's totally what the holiday is for. ;)

Loving that photo...haha!

sdhorton said...

You look gangsta!...that's all :)