time for a nate update, yes?

I haven't done a Nate-centric post in a while which is, well, sad for YOU because this kid is hilarious. It does seem like the older he gets, the less I want to blog some things about his life. Clearly, I don't blog EVERYTHING EVER but I can definitely see the fine line getting clearer.... privacy, discipline issues, growing pains and the like aren't in my personal plans to share many of the details. (At least at the moment. Or until I need your help or advice.)

Here are some Nateisms from April 2011 specifically 2 years, 10 months and 3 days old.

Meal time has gotten trickier with Nate. Some days I feel like he eats two goldfish for his day's total caloric intake. Seriously. Other days he eats more than me, mainly of the chicken to the finger variety. I try not to worry and stress about it - I was picky as a child and am not as an adult. We continue to expose him to a variety of foods and he is still a lover of all things fruit, the occasional veggies and, oh, right THE CHICKEN. (Which I personally have not been able to eat since I've been pregnant. That's right. NO CHICKEN FOR ME. Pregnancy with Nate? No Mexican. This pregnancy? No lasagna and NO CHICKEN. Please god no chicken. Okay, stop saying chicken.)

What else? So the whole potty training thing. I know I've mentioned it before and I won't go in depth but HOLY EASY with this child. It's been months and months since an accident of any kind - day or night. Over one of our snowed in fests this winter, Nate spent several nakey days with the heat cranked up and the pants cranked down...er... off. As mentioned, he's weird about clothing and refused to wear Pull-Ups. Flat out refused. We told him he didn't have to if he went like a big kid and BAM. Done. We had about three or four night time accidents but he makes it all night just fine. He goes sitting down, standing up, little kid potties, big kid potties, at home, out and about, in the bushes at the park (WHAT?! It's a little boy ADVANTAGE, right?). Please don't ask me advice because I'm still slightly shocked at the ease and have no idea how (HOW?) it happened.
We love with puddle jumping.

Most of you who have been around Nate know that the child DOES NOT STOP talking. His imagination is going full tilt and we often converse about turkey pirates, walking the plank, algae eaters that eat storm clouds, Nate's insistence that he is, in fact, Cinderella, power outages that require HOT CANDLES! (say it with EXPRESSION!). We are often chased by dinosaurs at the park and hide from camels under the covers. He loves to be outside and pretend to grocery shop - bringing me grapes and apples oddly shaped like weeds and blades of grass. Today he told me he was a 'monster truck lion' and he was going to ROAR to the grocery store. Yesterday he wanted to look under the couch and came up in tears because he thought a rogue sock was a mouse. This morning he called me both "Kat" and "Babe" in complete seriousness. (As in: "Hey, babe, where's Daddy? and when I didn't respond then, "Hey, Kat, where's Daddy?)

Despite being terrified of sock mouses, he LOVES the thunder and lightning right now - which I will forever be grateful for as we have spent NUMEROUS nights in our teensy bathroom and hallway because of tornadoes and storms that have recently ravaged the South.
Stormy nights in the interior

He continues to have a strong Daddy-preference. Which, in all honesty, can be hurtful at times since I spend the majority of my free time with him (which, I realize is part of WHY.) But, in all honestly, it mostly is a relief and a happy thing. Karl is an involved kinda dad

And plus he buys him shit like this:

Which I only let him eat for a few minutes. MEAN MOMMY.


sdhorton said...

Nash sleeps with his leg crossed over the other one like that in the car. I love Nate's imagination. Nash also did the potty thing super easy. I was shocked. We just have good and smart boys! We need to play again soon.

melissa said...

<3 this post forever and ever. i miss you and nater. please tell him to stop growing up until aunt melissa gets a hug from him at 2 yrs 10 months and 3 days old. :) xo

Maria said...

LOL! TB also sleeps legs crossed. I may have peed on a bush (ok, next to a tree) today on my run through the (forested) park, and please, do not ask me for potty training advice either. We waited until TB was ready and he did it himself. Seems a lot like what you did, if you ask me. :)

Aubrey said...

Your son is cuuuuuuuute, friend. I have never actually seen the child in real life, but I lurve Nate.

I'm picking up the vibe that going to the grocery store is a big event in Nate's life. My girls have always loved it too. :)

Meredith Moore said...

Hey, Babe, love this post! I, incidentally, am terrified of sock mouses too. Sounds like Nate has a hell of an imagination. What fun!

Ashley said...

I was cracking up the entire time I read this! Nate is such a wonderfully hilarious kid and I love it! I couldn't eat chicken when I was pregnant either. Sick. Or any meat really. Ha, that's what she said :)

Jax said...

Adore this to pieces! I miss Nate! It's been too long since I've seen his sweet face! I love his insistence that he is Cinderella... haha.. Awesome. Oh Nater Tot, you are adorable. :)

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