baseball, birthdays, beer = boosh

Some of you know that my 30th birthday is TODAY. (Wednesday. The fourth. May the fourth be with you. Cinco de mayo EVE. Just trying to give you some CLUES for your memory banks for future reference. HA.) Anyway sometime last week Karl informed me that he made an appointment with some bathroom remodel people at 5:30 on Wednesday. At first I thought he did not remember that Wednesday was my birthday. But, then I asked him. AND HE DID. And then I asked him if he thought that I wanted to sit around and talk about toilets and light fixtures on my the day intended for celebrating my 30th year of life. He said (hesitantly) that he thought I wouldn't mind (since the bathroom remodel has been MY plan and since I would be out of town for work on Monday and Tuesday). I informed him (oh so nicely) that I would very much mind and just because I was pregnant did not mean that I didn't at least want a birthday dinner and am sure I yammered on like the pregnant hormonal lady that I currently am.

Little did I know as I was lamenting about being old and having only things like bathroom remodels and prenatal vitamins to discuss on my birthday, Karl was planning a surprise party.



He rented out the private party suite at the Travelers stadium (our minor league baseball team) and invited friends and family to help celebrate.

Everyone's ticket (I think there were 40 of us!) had a little birthday message on it:


Right up until the minute we got off the "staff only" elevator (which I thought was odd but still didn't question; he told me the tickets were from someone at work) and he pointed to a private suite w/ some decorations... I told him I thought we were going the WRONG WAY and were walking into someone's party. Until I realized that OH RIGHT I KNOW THESE PEOPLE. ALL OF THEM!!

I've always wanted to see my name on the scoreboard!

Dream realized - ha!
SOMEHOW (and I am not entirely sure how) the torrential downpour that was headed our way held off until after the game and after the drive home.

My only regret is that we didn't take any pictures. Ah... well.... sometimes you're just too busy enjoying your friends and celebrating 30 years of life. It's definitely a night I won't forget. Karl knows what I love most - being with my people, eating and drinking together, and some BASEBALL and he made it all happen at once - he WINS at life.

They even sent a camera man up:


Panamamama said...

That is AWESOME!!

sdhorton said...

How cool! Glad you had a great birthday!

melissa said...

good work, karl!!! so happy you had such a good time, little bird. birthdays and baseball are a GREAT combo. :) xoxoxo and happy birthday, sugar!!!

Lauryl Lane said...

Hahah! Yay for Karl being so on top of things, and I laughed out loud at this post. Happy, happy birthday! I can't believe we all turn 30 this year, but I am STOKED. Can't wait to say I'm in my THIRTIES. So much better than TWENTIES, which sounds so insanely young. Feel like I'm finally going to be a grown-up. Sort of. ;-) Have a wonderful day. xoxo

Aubrey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kat! I will most definitely remember your birthday from this day forward. May the fourth be with you...WAHAHAHA!

Way to go, Karl! Freaking fantastic 30th birthday celebration! He most definitely wins at life. :)

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