30 years, 20 weeks

So it only seemed appropriate that I hit the 20 week mark on the day of my 30th. AUSPICIOUS! (as my midwife would say - the 4th also marked her 300th birth! ZEROS EVERYWHERE!).

ANYWAY pictures? BOOM! You all better appreciate these photos b/c I see nothing but ICKY when I look at them. Sucks starting a pregnancy off at a weight that I almost ended Nate's pregnancy with. Sigh. Who's fault? MY. OWN. And that is all the body image complaints you will here from me because I've finally started feeling this baby kick on a regular basis and, well, that's one of the best feelings in the world.

Also, I've stopped vomiting so the world is ALL AROUND a better place!

Also, it stopped fucking raining and I haven't heard a tornado siren in over a week! Hooray!

I've always wanted one of those pics where people are all "My toddler resting on the belly" except, UHHHH, yea, he's too big and I barely lift him at all anymore. This just looks ridiculous:
I think it might be an awkward family photo contender.

And this, more so:


But this series is pretty hilarious:

Well, probably (possibly) more than halfway as Nate popped out at 38.5 weeks. Moving right along... I guess at some point we'll need to, you know, figure out what we're going to name this child and where he or she is going to sleep.


Unknown said...

Those are the best pics ever! The kissy-face one's my favorite. Love your surprised expression.

nicole said...

Oh my goodness, these photos are soooo goood. Wow - the halfway mark! Woo hoo! Hope you had a great birthday! You deserve it! xoxo.

sdhorton said...

pics are really cute. love that you can feel the baby move. baby belly pics. that is the best. NOW-get moving on the name thing and where the baby will sleep. Those things are important! :)

Our Happy Married Life... said...

Awww you look adorable! yay for 20 weeks :)

Meredith said...

You look so good!! Love the last three pictures. :) And yes, I'm very excited to find out the name!!

melissa said...

nothing in the world is as important to me right now as that picture of nate squishing your face. i can't stop laughing. oh geez. that shit is funny. :)

you're looking gorgeous, mama. 20 wks becomes you. can't wait for more pics!!! xo

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

You look so happy and all glow-ey! You are a blessed mama, and Nate is going to be a great brother.

Kate said...

just catching up on my blog reading -- happy birthday! feliz cumpleanos!

and you don't look ridiculous -- he'll never be too big for that!

I should probably also think of some names here...hmmm.... later!

Anonymous said...

hi love
happy belated bday! naters is so cute :) and i like that you used the eff word in your blog. miss you xo alove

Stacia said...

Love the series of pics!!! Happy late Birthday!!!

xccc said...

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