st. louis surprises

So, ahem, if you ever need to, say, SURPRISE some one I am your girl. Seriously. It's almost embarrassing to tell you that, for my 30th, I had a second surprise party and again had ABSOLUTELY no clue until I walked through the door.

My mom and my sister did the majority of the planning this round. (Me. Spoiled.) Karl, to his credit, managed to get us there. (This really was a feat in and of itself because SEVERAL parts of the the highway to and from were closed due to flooding in Arkansas and Missouri and we took some scary highways in the dark that had water creeping eerily close to the road.)

Here's a shot at dusk - I don't believe those power poles are supposed to be under water. Now add complete and total darkness - slightly CREEPY!
Anyway we got there. And safely! (ADVENTURE!)

We woke up and hit Grant's Farm and the Cardinals game:
And arrived back home to mom and dad's to a room full of friends and family. (Did I mention I am spoiled?)

The menu? All my favorite foods including the famous Gus' Pretzels and ENTIRE trays of P'sghetti's cheese garlic bread.
What more could a girl want?


Anonymous said...

Love it!

When you visit a city you used to live in you have to get your fill of the local stuff you love. I'm going to Tulsa this summer (for the first time in years, yay!) and I'm already planning my food. Tortilla soup from Full Moon and mexi dips from Taco Bueno and crab dip from Bourbon Street Cafe have all been calling my name for way too long.

Ashley said...

Is it weird that this post made me tear up? Because it totally did, haha :) Glad you got to celebrate your 30th a couple of times! I'm the opposite of you, It's impossible to surprise me. It ruins the fun for me, really :)

sdhorton said...

how sweet of you're family and friends. as Nash's Mimi says about him. you aren't spoiled just loved a lot :)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Love the bump; you are adorable.


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