hey yooooooooou guuuuuuuuuuuuuys

photo courtesy of my darling friend jaime

Life is a bit messy here. Every one is happy and healthy but the rush toward summer has sort of left us all a little spin-ey. We've had a lovely whirlwind of birthday parties and cookouts and work and POOL TIME (hooray!) and a bit of a scare with some more pregnancy issues (all of which are fine). (I'll do a pregnancy update soon but in short: I've been feeling great the last few weeks.)

Nate's been - sleeping issues aside - keeping us laughing on a daily basis. His 3rd birthday is (literally) right around the corner and I (literally) have made zero plans for it as of this moment in time. We keep asking him what he wants to do for his party and he will only say "cupcakes. ice cream." Easy enough, right? But is this the year we invite school friends and other kiddos or do we continue on our family and adult friends (some who have children) path that has worked so nicely in the past?

He's been VERY concerned about several things lately:

1. He simply does not understand why Mommy has to wear a "shirt" in the swimming pool when I make him take his off. I keep telling him "girls wear tops in the pool" and "mommy doesn't want to be arrested" but I'm not sure he's getting it as HE KEEPS ASKING.

2. A few weeks ago (on Mother's Day no less) he wanted to know why farts come out of his penis. Yep.

3. He recently noticed our neighbor's dog, Pepper, only has one eye. Since then, he's been constantly checking his own eyeball count. (Do I have two eyes, Mommy?) This has led to many, many questions: "Does Sarah have two eyes? Does Daddy have two eyes?" (and so on and so forth ABOUT EVERYONE WE MEET).

4. Last week he was giving his 97 year old great grandmother a sweet hug good-bye after a visit and got a little ambitious and 'bonked her with his head.' The head bump resulted in her dentures falling out and, I am NOT poking fun of the teethless, but that CHILDS FACE was priceless as he reached his hands up to his feel that own teethies were securely attached to his gums. Since then, he has often wondered (aloud of course) whether his teeth come out and why Mimi's fell out and, so, we spend quite a bit of time discussing dentures and dental hygeniene in our daily conversations.

Other things of note:

1. He's been SERIOUSLY obsessed with wearing his rainboots lately and basically refuses to wear any other shoes. (We've been over his uh, shoe preference issues before, right? Yea. This kid is weird about footwear.)

2. We ask him what he wants to name the baby. First, it was "Daddy" and, yesterday, oddly, it was "Morocco" (THANKS A LOT MARIAH CAREY.). We talk about the baby often but I'm pretty sure he has absolutely NO CLUE what it all really means.

3. We are getting ready to move him from his room to the guest room (HIS NEW ROOM!). Our THOUGHTS are to do this in plenty of time for him to adjust to the room before we bring a new baby in the house. His current room (though the baby will probably shack up with us for a few months in a bassinet or our bed) will go back to being a nursery/guest room. We're also seriously hoping that by letting him help move and arrange and make it his own that he'll actually want to BE IN HIS ROOM. This is probably delusional but maybe he'll even sleep in there without us having to cajole and convince and lay with him for an extended period of time every night. (And then having him pitter patter into our room and bed at 3 a.m. anyway.) Yea, we're working on it.


pbp said...

nate's shirt/no shirt debate is so very topical:


sdhorton said...

Nash has been having the same night time bed issues. Not wanting to go to sleep in his bed and finally falling asleep only to come to our bed at 2 or 3 am. We too are thinking about switching his room sooner than later.

melissa said...

i'm having the best time ever imagining nate checking to make sure his teeth are still in place. :) xo

Lauryl Lane said...

hahaha! sorry kat, this whole post has me laughing hysterically!!! my little sister's first kid is 2 and a half and with the arrival of baby #2, there have been a lot of changes in the house. apparently laria has started getting up at 5:30 in the morning, making her mommy crazy. so they gave her an alarm and set it for 7 and said she had to play in her bed until the alarm went off and then she could get up... well, round about 5:30 laria came into her parents bedroom with the alarm clock which she claimed "is broke" since is didn't go off when she thought it should! these toddler antics are so funny i can hardly stand it! your nate sounds like he's got quite the personality. keep the stories coming!!! xoxo

Melissa said...

now you need to find someone with a glass eye. (oh I'm a bad, bad woman)

Aubrey said...

The little Nate stories are PRICELESS! He is one hilarious little guy.

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