shirts: we don't need no stinkin shirts

Here's what we've been doing mostly:

When I said I didn't want to be outside much without being around a body of water, I was not lying. I'm pretty sure my skin and hair are constantly rocking the lovely scent of sunscreen and chlorine and sweat. (Side Note: My hair is a serious wreck and I'm getting ready to chop it.) I'm also pretty sure pool water DOES, in fact, occasionally qualify for bath time for Nate.

I ALMOST didn't let Karl set up the 'backyard pool' this year (we also have a "real" pool in our neighborhood we go to) but I have NEVER, EVER been so glad that I relented. He can get nerdy about obsessively cleaning and chemicalizing it ANY DAY provided I can get in it every day until this baby comes out. On my days off we usually pack it up, pack it in to the big pool but on days I work we usually get home around 3 or 3:30 and almost immediately pop into the backyard pool, leaving various articles of clothing trailing across the backyard. I'm still rocking my one-piece from last year but I'm breaking down and buying a maternity suit SOON.

When we're not in the pool, I'm obsessively trying to keep both myself and Nate hydrated:

Currently, this is the wallpaper on my phone:Most of you know my troubles giving up the Soda Sauce (on and off addict) and I've been trying really hard this pregnancy. (And forever.) (BUT DAMMIT I love you Coca Cola.)

Water, water, water. All this talk about being in it and consuming it makes me THIRSTY. (Also, it's confusing to an almost 3-year old that we can drink out of the hose and the faucet but not the pool! Nate now asks if there are 'chemicals in it' every time I fill his glass with water. Do I say yes? No? I mean, technically....)


melissa said...

THAT PICTURE OF HIM IN THE POOL IS SO EFFING CUTE. looks like a framer for sure. :) remember when you were pregs with nate and wherever we'd go to eat you'd order water to drink and recommend that i order a coke so that we could share it, because it doesn't count unless it's technically yours? good times, friend. :) hope you're enjoying the summer, water babies! miss you! xo

Jennifer said...

i want to be in that pool right now.

Our Happy Married Life... said...

that pool looks so inviting. And, um, everything makes me swell!