oh internet we'll never be over

Some days I want to break up with The Internet.

THEN I have a week of GOODNESS LIKE SO:

Exhibit A: This lovely photo tumblr site: http://dearphotograph.com/

Exhibit B: My friend Amy's post about her son's reaction to her emergency.

Exhibit C: (warning: long, lots of cussing, not suitable for, um, many situations): DRUNK KITCHEN cookie bakin'!

....and I remember why I could never stay away for too long!


Jax said...

That photo blog=awesome. It makes me want to go find a photo of my childhood self stat. *glances around cube as if one would appear*

And um.. your friend's post with the chalk outline=freaking fantastic! hahahaha! I needed that laugh on Monday morning. Love it.

I have the same relationship with the internet. I go from "I hate my personal email and I am never checking it." To "Okay, I'll check my personal email, but I'm never getting on facebook again.." It's really a cycle. :)

Amy B. said...

I think "to be mentioned in the same breath as Drunk Kitchen" is on my bucket list. CHECK!

brooke knight said...

love that dear photograph site. so sweet.

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