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June 26.

Nate's official THIRD birthday.

I don't know if it's because I'm all pregnant or what but this birthday seemed more emotional than his previous ones. I went back and forth about throwing him a party and/or who to invite and we finally wound up with a small(ish) group at the house... in the backyard... in the pool... very similar to last year. I sent out (on Facebook - ha! All my prim and proper friends are all aghast!) invites like seriously a little over a week out.

I SWORE up and down I was going to keep it low key. And I think, honestly, that we did (Chic-Fil-A Party Tray y'all).

(But even low-key parties at your own home take some work so praise me as you see fit for doing it whilst baby baking.)

On Wednesday (yes, of this week) I decided, well, hey, I better get the kiddos some party favors. I found these super cute magnifying glasses at a local teacher store and decided they needed capes to go with. (Which makes no sense I know - the theme of the day was clearly not well thought out.)


(Side note: Capes are homemade and I could not have done that without my friend Erin and my mother-in-law. "Super easy" cape tutorials found on the internet are, apparently, too difficult for me!)

(Also, the life guard thing is in no way related to the party favors. Do you really think I would pass out SHRILL whistles to a bunch of toddlers? No, I would not. It is, however, Nate's latest 'pretend play' obsession (we only whistle outside dammit!) and he's been wearing his whistle most of the week. He frequently runs around the back yard blowing his whistle and calling out "ADULT SWIM! GET OUT OF THE POOL!")


Exploring for bugs...

What I did not realize is that Karl would teach Nate to set things on fire with his magnifying glass. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?

So, yea, we have A THREE YEAR OLD.


melissa said...

hooray! happy birthday, baby boy! he's more beautiful than ever, kat. didn't know that kid could get cuter :) sounds like it was a success!!!

Ashley said...

Haha, I love that he yells out adult swim! Happy birthday Nate! I can't believe he is THREE!

sdhorton said...

I love his imagination!

Anonymous said...

I love Karl in the cape. Happy Birthday Nate.

--Aunt Jayne

Stacia said...

I freakin love these pics!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

Kate said...

wow! high praise here. can't believe those capes! looks like it was a great party. happy bday, nate.

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