awkward gray tank top photo #4,552

Taken just a few hours ago.

(Adjectives: Awkward, Pointy, Stickey Outey)

Proof that I have other clothing:

But, apparently, no other shoes.

And, uh, no face.

36 weeks.

I see the OB tomorrow and have my midwife home visit on Friday.

Watch out now.


Aubrey said...

CUTE BELLY! And cute dress. You're soooo close to having TWO children! Excited for you, friend.

sdhorton said...

I can't believe how fast time flies. Can't wait to meet newbaby hills!

Kate said...

so impressed with the shorts! you look fit! my legs/ass grew to elephant size...working on that now...(by sitting in bed w/baby sleeping on chest while net surfing and typing w/one hand...that should work, right?)

Panamamama said...

You look awesome! I am 13 wks and about that big already...

Anonymous said...

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Katie Justice said...

Love all of your posts Kat! You crack me up. Cant' wait to hear if you are having a boy or girl. My vote is girl