Weekend Update w/ Kat Hills

Settle on in (Please and thank you.) because I'm about to give you an update AND, perhaps, ask for a pregnancy favor (Possibly in this post; possibly in another of it's own as I feel a plethora of words about to pour out of my fingertips).

Last week was perhaps one of the more difficult weeks of this pregnancy. Everything is fine and good and wonderful... Here's the skinny:

Karl update:

We had some illness floating around our house (and by 'some' I mean I think that this is the sickest I have EVER seen Karl; I even made him go to the doctor). I won't say a lot about it other than we are ALL still recovering and the combination of a massively pregnant woman, a semi-sick toddler and a very sick husband is not the best. We really
tried to feel sympathy for one another. I think.

Household Appliance Update:

Our fridge completely and totally broke (it's such a piece; we've paid more in repairs than we paid for the fridge and it's only like 6 or 7 years old), so we bit the bullet and ordered a new one. (We lived out of coolers and on take out for a week or so... I think our final cooler had a gallon of milk, two sticks of butter and a bottle of probiotics floating around in some milky ice water... it was disgusting.) But HOORAY new and clean fridge (that did not, in fact, come with all its parts - ha!)!

Pregnancy Update:

I am still pregnant. It's been a harrowing couple of weeks. I've called my midwife SEVERAL times b/c of the massive number of contractions I've been having at night. (Same bat time, same bat channel. EVERY NIGHT.) There was one night in particular (that was before the homebirth okayed-36 week mark) that even Karl (who rarely freaks) was packing a bag for the hospital. The night was so EERILY similar to Nate's birth that we both sort of freaked. Mostly, I have anxiety about HOW LONG this labor will take. So, every night around 10 or 11 when the contractions start up, I dutifully do a hippy dippy scent and relaxation ritual that sort of works. They usually stop around 1 or 2 in the morning and are gone most of the day (well, sort of gone. They are just less painful and less frequent during the day. Overall, they are not CRAZY strong or painful but sometimes I get paranoid about my ability to judge.). I went into labor w/ Nate around 11 p.m. and had him around 2 a.m. - a little eerie, right?? Apparently, that's when my body feels best laboring. (And, oddly, as a night owl, often the time I am most 'awake' anyway.)

(ON A SIDE NOTE, for all of those jealous of our apparent quick labor luck - this build up stage BLOWS.)

Magical bath oils, massage oil and rescue remedy:

Anniversary Update:

Uh.... insert mushy gushy lovey dovey 6 year anniversary post here. We celebrated 6 years of marriage on Saturday. We intended to go out of town on the actual day but, the closer it got, the more paranoid I have been about being even an hour away from home! Instead, I worked (coordinating a TV spot for Little Rock Restaurant Month that included prepping and dressing Polly the Purple Cow for a Saturday morning show!) (Seriously, mascot dressing is a SKILL that I am adding to my resume.) and we went to a birthday party for some friends. FUTURE CELEBRATION plan is in place. Err... loosely anyway. (We had low expectations this year given the timing!)

Look at the these babies and their OFFICIAL piece of paper:

Labor Update:

I have this totally cheesy idea. That I'm sort of obsessed with at the moment. I sort of love it. I might think it's ridiculous in retrospect but if you make fun of me for having it at 37 weeks pregnant, I will punch you in the face. I want to create something like a video of encouraging words or images. Since Karl and I have been adamant about closed door laboring and closed door newborn time, we (I) want to make some sort of video to watch during labor with (you guessed it) ALL OF YOU (that want to participate) involved. I am writing another post entitled 'KEEP THE BABY IN' and will tell you how you can (hopefully you will want to) help! (It will be up tonight.)


Andrea said...

Kat, I am so excited for you guys and it's going to be so soon - eeek!

Eagerly awaiting our "assignment" to help make your home video dream work. ;)