he was wearing a red shirt today

One thing I love about school is the masterpieces that make their way into our home and onto our fridge.  

Like this guy - which judging by the, uh, blue eyes and blonde hair is, in fact, Nate.   

Perhaps his teachers are (subtly) telling us it's time for a trim? 

Or perhaps Nate is asking for us to stop stabbing him, um, everywhere?  

On an unrelated note, OFFICIALLY 38 weeks!!  Nate was born at 38 weeks, 4 days - think I could make the same happen this go round?  ;) 

If you still want to submit a photo for the labor video, please don't hesitate to send it.  Karl is just going to keep adding to it until I go into labor.  


Aubrey said...

HA! The hair, the blood, the awesomeness. Come see us, Newbaby!

Jax said...

hahaha... stop stabbing him...hahaha... okay... I can't stop laughing at my cube.. Awesome.