7 days of (mostly) bliss

Do you ever have one of those weeks that just affirms the word 'happy' exists and that happy is what you are?  

That sort of defines Nora Kate's first week on the outside.  

It's somewhat ridiculous that I'm feeling that way (HELLO HORMONES!) as her birth was DRAMA, and it was probably one of the more physically pain-filled weeks of my life.  Those contractions that shrink your uterus back up?  THOSE ARE NO JOKE.  I remember them from last time.  Evil.  My midwives assure me that they are stronger with each child (hooray!) and that, due to my freak of nature rocket births, mine most likely even a little stronger as it was shrinking faster (than the average uterus?  unteri?).  Oh, and also, that whole med-free child birth thing comes with a recommendation to 'take some Advil' for the pain after, you know, the actual birthing the baby part is over.  Which I did.  Religiously.  (And also an herbal supplement called 'After Ease' - seriously - which tasted like ass and I'm not sure did anything but make me want to vomit.)  Anyway, I would just lay in bed and moan while Karl rubbed my back and legs.... somehow I thought that would happen BEFORE the baby came out not after.  But whatever.   In between those I felt great and they only lasted a day or two.  

But enough about that (if you want to talk extensive stitches, lingering pelvic pain and numbness, and new-to-me hot flashes CALL ME!).

 Betty White sums it up: 



Let's talk about The Happy.  

(And let's keep it real:  As I just typed that sentence I can hear Nate in the other room crying hysterically about watching an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba before bed.)  

I think my favorite part of this week is being home.  That part I DID plan and that part is working out exceptionally well.   I know it's not for everyone but it works for me.  I sort of love the idea that we (and our family and friends and midwives) are the only people to love and hold her so far.  Selfish?  Silly?  Perhaps so but it's how I'm feeling today (And in a post-partum world TODAY is what matters, right?!)  and I want to remember the feeling for those days when I would pass her off to the gypsies.   

Nora Kate is sort of a dream baby.  I realize she is seven days old and could be a screaming banshee by next week but I AM LOVING THIS WEEK and I intend to enjoy it.  (See also: Newborns sleep an average of 16-22 hours.) 

One, my sister arrived less than 24 hours after NK was born.  When we booked her flight, we were SO SURE the baby would be at least a few weeks old, but, um she was, in fact, about 12 hours old.  Aunt Jenny was ridiculously helpful and spent a lot of time holding her sweet niece!  

(Why yes I did take a five-day-old to the pumpkin patch.) 

Two, SO FAR, Nora Kate has rarely cried and is easily calmed down by a boob, a swaddle or some white noise/shushing.   As mentioned I have been nursing the shit (uh, and the pee.  WHAT? SORRY!) out of her (did I not mention that?).  At this point with Nate I was already pumping myself into an oversupply that was HORRIBLE and I think back to our admission to the hospital for jaundice and I get all angry inside b/c they wouldn't "let" me take him out of his little tanning bed to nurse and it took weeks to work it out (Not BITTER at all!).  Also she's just BETTER at the boobage than he was (maybe because she was baking inside so much longer?) so that helps and it's just made everything much easier and less stressful.  

Three, Nate has been in school so that REALLY helps (both routine-wise for him and attention-wise for me).  I've had three days alone with her and they've been a dreamy mix of napping, nursing aaaaaand repeat until he gets home from school.  Then I sling her up and we go outside to play (One advantage to fall babies in the South - it's GORGEOUS here.).  Who knew you could pitch wiffle balls with a 6 day old sleeping in a sling or play Lighting McQueen video games whilst nursing? 

Four, (it must be mentioned!) the Cardinals are currently playing the Brewers for the National League Championship (the series before the World Series).  I realize this may not be important to some of you but it makes me REAL happy.  NK must be their good luck charm.  (I'm not allowed to watch baseball and hold the baby at the same time.)

Five, I just don't care as much to listen to advice (NOT YOURS!).  (As in, she has barely been set down.  Don't care.  She has been nursed on demand (Why on earth did I ever think a one week old needed anything even resembling an eating schedule? Does NOT work for me.).  Don't care.  She has been sleeping in our bed.  Don't care.) We've been doing what we know works for us and not questioning it.  And, you know what?  Based on the low stress and calmness this week, I feel like (maybe?)  IT IS WORKING!  

NK's 'crib' = day 7. 

She's sleeping on my chest right now and I'm going to attempt to write a "Nate's reaction to Nora" post.

(Did I put the 'it works for ME' disclaimer in there enough?  I know it works your way at your house and I fully understand and respect that.  JUST SO WE ARE CLEAR!)  


Maria said...

Sounds blissful! I especially like 5 and am so very glad you found the "don't care" zen. :)

Andrea said...

I am SO happy for you and your family! She is beautiful and I love the owl hat.

I agree with you - I felt (am feeling) so much more confident and wise as to what to do and AM ENJOYING IT SO MUCH MORE!! After all, "they" don't really know it all anyway.


Unknown said...

Loved every word (and photo!) in this piece and then went and read your post about Nate's birth. Holy. Crap. I could not stop laughing. It was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time--and I have a high bar for funny. The "over"shares were PERFECT. An inspiration, all around!

Unknown said...

p.s. Got confused for a second when reading this post and thought that Nate was your husband's name--making the part about him crying over Yo Gabba Gabba all the more hilarious.

Natalie and Matt Dill said...

We totally know how you feel...Ben was rapidly delivered as well...no drugs:( Nothing like having all your fam there to hear! Anyways, so glad you are loving your time with her, she is precious! And, dont you just love those swaddle blankets?!

sdhorton said...

This post makes me optimistic about adding a newborn to the mix. Hope we can be just as happy and calm. :)

Chatty Fattie said...

Love it. The best thing about second babies? You don't second guess yourself, and that makes everyone happier. Mac is a dream, too, and I think it's because Mommy thinks everyone else can suck it now.

Chatty Fattie said...

Also, she's beautiful. Duh. Love the name. Love the owl hat. Love your parenting style.

Jax said...

I'm still laughing about the phrase "rocket birth" haha.. :) This is great, friend. I love that you guys are just doing what you want to do and not following some dumb guideline crap. (<--I just typed that and went "whoa, how do I really feel?" in my head..haha). I'm looking forward to reading the Nate's reaction to her post! :)