the lineup

I dropped Nate off at school (in his sheriff hat; it's cowboy day!) and then NK and I setup shop in the bed.  (Our heat is OUT; snuggling under the covers REQUIRED until it's fixed.)

The lineup: Starbucks, H2O, lanolin, Desitin, Gatorade, Vitamins.


nicole said...

With a lineup like that, I would never get outta bed! Enjoy your snuggle-fest. And good luck with the heat! xo.

Kaitlin said...

This made me laugh. I vividly remember the same line up, minus the gatorade, plus nursing pads, on my nightstand. Glamorous :) Enjoy laying in bed with your sweet baby!

Jax said...

ha! I want cowboy day at work! :) I mean, hello.. we live in OKLAHOMA! It should happen. Sorry about the heater, friend. I hope they fix it soon!

Ashley said...

Enjoy snuggling that sweet baby! If the temps are anything like they are here, I hope they fix your heat soon!

sdhorton said...

I remember the super thirsty feeling. Actually I kind have that now. I mainly want water and milk. Don't know what that's about.

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