two weeks: WAIT WAIT

I know time is probably passing at a regular, leisurely pace (ha) for the rest of you BUT IT IS FLYING BY for me and I have no idea where my days and nights are going. 

Nora Kate is two weeks old today and here is a jumbled list of what I want to remember today: 

Post birthing food = important.  We're still receiving dinners from friends and family and I've never been so grateful.  (And sorry that I STILL can not eat The Chicken.  I KNOW!  SURELY chicken consumption will come back someday, right?) 

NK weighed (at birth) 8 pounds and 11 oz.  At her two week appointment, she tipped the scales to NINE POUNDS AND TWELVE OUNCES.  Sweet Jesus, I think I might have my chunky baby!  One baby boy string bean baby, one baby girl chunker?!  CUE IMAGES OF GLORIOUS WRIST ROLLS AND ENORMOUS BABY THIGHS!  If you can't tell, baby fat make me happy.  (Not that I wasn't perfectly content with Nate's bird legs and skinny little arms; it's just fun that they are the opposite!) 

The Bravermans on the show Parenthood had their baby this week.  It was a girl.  GUESS what they named her.   UGH.  REALLY?  NO NO NO NO NO.  Who knew this was happening?  My name, people.  Not allowed. (Ok, FINE, allowed but I don't have to like it.) 

I took NK up to visit Nate's teachers and classroom.  When I got there, they were in the middle of circle/story time.  I sat (in a teensy little chair) until they were done and then all the kids rushed over to say hi (and not touch her face!) (well, let's face it, to not really touch her at all.).  One of the little girls came over, looked at me, looked disinterestedly at the baby and said "I got one of those at home."    

Nora Kate: Day 14 Bedtime Story:


Aubrey said...

Dear Lord, you baby girl is beautiful! Love the crazy eyes at bed time. Pictures of fat rolls in our future?? Please say yes! :)

brooke knight said...

that cute gown is CUTE!

Amy said...

New Follower! Your crazy birth stories have sucked me in and now I am a follower:) Congrats on Nora Kate, she is a beauty! I also hated (okay, more than hated) chicken while pregnant. Me and chicken are only kinda friends and I have been unpregnant for 7.5 months.

melissa said...

"i got one of those at home."

i can't stop reading it.

kisses to the babies. and i, too, want some pics of fat rolls. :) xo

Ashley said...

They have the SAME face in that picture! Been thinking of you all! And, I watched Parenthood last night and was like, NOOOOO, that's Kat's name!! Haha.

sdhorton said...

I love Nate and Nora's picture and I love baby fat!

Stacia said...

Oh sweet heavens...I sure can be a babysitter :)

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