may the force... well you all know the rest

Karl: Isn't it weird how many kids were dressed in Star Wars costumes at my work Halloween Party?

Me: You work with a bunch of geeks so... um... no. 

(And, yes, that grown up in there = Karl.) 


Lauryl Lane said...

haha, awesome! geeks rock!!!

nicole said...

My godson, Isaac, dressed up as Yoda... all the cool kids love Star Wars, hehe! xo.

p.s. About Karl: As Yoda would say, "Size matters not."

Aubrey said...

I heart nerds. So much that I married one. Glad we have that in common, friend. :)

sdhorton said...

Nash was Yoda his second Halloween. By far the cutest costume yet.

Kate said...

that is an awesome photo, and I can't believe all those little costumes weren't even coordinated! that must be some group of geeks he works with.

Jax said...

hahaha! Fantastic!

megan mcniff said...

i couldn't love this enough. long live star wars.

jessica said...

Hilarious and cute!

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